Kaley's little brother heard her shouting at herself. So he pushed a note under her door.

On Wednesday, teenager Kaley Ramsberger was in her bedroom, thinking about her life and no doubt the perils of adolescence when she yelled, audibly, that she “hates” herself.

Her little brother was not far away, listening to her. So her wrote her a note, and slid it under her door.

Before you assume it was a great, big adorable list of all the reasons why she shouldn’t hate herself, hold steady. It was much more simple than that.

“I hate myself, too,” he wrote.

Before long, Kaley had posted a photo of the note on Twitter. It has since been re-tweeted more than 100,000 times and liked by more than 340,000 people.

The overriding sense was that this kid knew more about empathy than most adults.

“Your little brother is more literate than most of our generation. What a little badass. Not to mention his empathy, which we as people, seem to be lacking far too much of. Smart kid,” one user wrote.

Others were just impressed his grammar and spelling were on point.

“I’m more impressed he used the right form of ‘too.” Most adults don’t do that,” another user wrote.

After her tweet went viral, Kaley felt the need to show an update of the duo, ensuring people knew he didn’t in fact hate himself at all, he just has a much better sense of humour than your or I do.

“Guys my brother and I are best friends and I love him dearly and he in no way hates himself!!” she wrote. “Thank u [sic] for ur [sic] concerns.”