Warnie's daughter's "disgusting" Instagram mistake.

Brooke Warne has inherited much from her father, former cricketing great Shane Warne.

Sandy coloured hair? Check.

Sporting prowess? Sure, why not?

Lack of self-awareness? Apparently, yes.

While her father swelters in the South African jungle for the second season of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here (and his charitable foundation crumbles in his absence), 18-year-old Brooke is feeling the heat at home for posting an offensive picture on her Instagram account on Saturday night.

The photo — taken at what appears to be a “bad taste”- themed party — shows the teenager holding a stuffed lion amongst a group of her friends.

It’s one of those fairly innocuous, if vaguely regrettable, snaps that comes out of rich kids’ birthday parties, but the caption on it is the real kicker.

It reads: “Politically incorrect — yes #cecil #malaysianairline #holocaust.”

brooke warne instagram 1200x630
Regrettable – yes. Image: Instagram

Yes, that is Cecil the Lion, whose shooting by an American dentist caused global outrage.

Cecil and her blood-drenched blonde killer are hanging out with their pals, the deceased flight attendants of the recent Malaysian Airline tragedies. Obviously.

And look! It’s a girl making light of the holocaust in a pair of suitably tiny striped pyjamas. Great.

Good costumes guys. Super offensive inventive.

shane warne - i'm a celebrity get me out of here - instagram 1200x630
“I left her alone for five minutes” – Shane Warne, probably. Image: Instagram

The retribution from Brooke’s 10,000-odd Instagram followers has been swift, and it has been suitably brutal.

The post was quickly removed, but not before it was labelled “disgusting”, “disturbing” and “awful”.

“White privalged [sic] kids think everything is a joke,” one user wrote.

brooke warne instagram comments 1200x630
The caption and discussion that accompanied the post. Image: Instagram

Looks like she hasn’t inherited her father’s penchant for social media then.

Meanwhile, things are pretty disgusting in the jungle too. Here’s Warnie eating a cup of bugs to kick your Monday into gear.

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