House Rule's Grant Lovekin speaks out after his wife left him.

For a woman.

On the popular reality TV program House Rules, Brooke Strong and Grant Lovekin were the couple of five-years, raising a family of seven in a two-and-a-half bedroom house.

So when Brooke announced she was leaving him for another woman, Grant was understandably shocked.

The 31-year-old has now opened up to Woman’s Day about his heartbreak.

Brooke and Grant on House Rules. (Image via Seven)

"Of course I'm shocked. It's not something you'd expect to happen. There's a lot I'd like to say but we have the seven kids to think of," Grant exclusively told the magazine.


He says he's been slowly rebuilding his life since Brooke moved in with her personal trainer Rebekah Juanita Jones, announcing their relationship via social media.

Brooke's relationship status on Facebook.

TV Week reported that Brooke is now dating her personal trainer Rebekah Juanita Jones and they have the Facebook pictures to prove it with both ladies posting number of intimate couple selfies online.

Brooke and Rebekah (Image via Facebook).

The Tasmanian-born teacher also addressed her sexuality in a Facebook post earlier this year.

"I am many things," she wrote. "A woman, a mother, a daughter, a friend, an educator. But some things shouldn’t be labelled. I am not straight. I am not gay. I am human and I love."

Rebekah and Brooke (Image via Facebook).

In September, Brooke also posted a quote on her Facebook page that read: "Don’t try too hard to search for love. In the end, love will find you, sometimes in the most unexpected way."

To which Rebekah commented: "Hmmmmm..... Definitely!"

The Daily Mail have reportedly reached out to the pair for comment.

Whatever the circumstances of the split, we hope everyone involved finds some happiness.

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