Weeks before she was found dead in Africa, Bronwyn sent chilling texts to her friends and family.

Ten years ago, Australian woman Bronwyn Fielding moved from Brisbane to a small town in Uganda to help orphans, the disabled and the elderly.

On June 27, her parents – Lynn and Ian Fielding – were told their 37-year-old daughter had died.

They are now desperate for answers after being told “three different stories” about what led to their daughter’s death.

Bronwyn’s uncle, David Pagey, told ABC a post-mortem found she had died from a pulmonary embolism.

Bronwyn had lived in Uganda for ten years. Image via Facebook.

But Bronwyn's Ugandan husband, Michael Osago, who she married in 2013, has told the family "multiple stories within a couple of days" about what lead to her death.

According to the Brisbane Times, Bronwyn's husband told her family he carried her to a hospital after she fell ill, and she later passed away.

But hours after sharing this information, the Ugandan man provided another version of events.

"We were told by Osago: 'Bronwyn was at my house with my 15-year-old daughter... and I called a nurse... and she died at the house'," Mr. Pagey said. "We had asked again what happened, because we thought [the original story] didn't sound right."

The family also revealed Bronwyn, who was legally blind and suffered from several health conditions, sent a number of chilling texts in the weeks before she died, expressing fears that someone was attempting to poison her.

"We would like tissue samples taken and blood samples taken if possible, so we can have them tested here in Australia, to check for certain she wasn't being poisoned," her uncle said.


In 2011, a Ugandan charity worker was jailed after Bronwyn reported him to police for fraud. It is unknown whether her fears of being poisoned and the case were connected in any way.

Bronwyn's Ugandan husband has denied there was any foul play involved in her death. Image via Facebook.

Osago has denied that there was any foul play surrounding his wife's death.

"They may think that maybe I'm a liar or I have done something wrong to her or anything," he said.

"But I'm just requesting them, please, trust what I'm saying."

Ugandan police commissioner Asan Kasingye confirmed Osago had been interviewed following Bronwyn's death, but no charges have been laid and the investigation is not expected to go any further.

Adding to their heartbreak, Bronwyn's family has not been able to raise the funds needed to return her body to Australia.

Bronwyn uganda
The 37-year-old's family is trying to raise funds to bring her body back to Australia. Image via GoFundMe.

"I know she's still in the morgue. I feel it's absolutely dreadful," her mother Lynn told ABC. "It's a shame. It's just not right. It's just tearing my heart to pieces."

The family have set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money to bring her back home.

"We are trying to raise funds so she can be cremated and her ashes then brought home to Australia, so that her biological children can have closure," the page reads.

Bronwyn is a mum of three children, who were being cared for by her parents in Australia - 17-year-old Kierra, 15-year-old Jack and Kaitlyn, 13.

Kierra told ABC their mum's death was "ripping her little brother apart".

"He loved his mum. He didn't like her choices — none of us liked her choices — but we really loved her," she said.