Man sentenced for the "horrific" murder of a Queensland woman and their unborn baby.

Warning: This article includes graphic details of a murder case.

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On February 2, 2015, Gold Coast woman Fabiana Palhares was bludgeoned to death with a tomahawk.

She was 11 weeks pregnant.

In the lead up to her murder, Palhares’ ex-partner, Brock Wall, told his co-workers he would kill her.

Wall bashed Palhares and jumped on her stomach to kill their unborn child at her Varsity Lakes home, as she screamed for help down the line of a triple-zero call.

Wall, 38, was on Monday sentenced in the Brisbane Supreme Court to concurrently serve two terms of life in prison with a 20-year non-parole period for killing Palhares and their unborn baby.

“The facts are chilling, horrific, and the stuff of nightmares,” Justice Ann Lyons told the court.

“Your attack became a murderous rage which was clearly full of hatred and anger.”

The pair began dating in October 2014 and were excited to find out the 34-year-old Palhares had fallen pregnant just weeks later.

But Wall was physically and verbally abusive towards Palhares, at one point forcing her to crawl under a coffee table for protection as he hit and spat on her.

In the months leading up to her murder, Wall repeatedly sent Palhares threatening text messages, twice breached domestic violence orders, hid in the garden outside her bedroom window and watched as she fell asleep, accused her of having sexual relationships with other people and broke into her home while she slept to go through her phone.


On other occasions he screamed at her, “I hope you lose the baby, I don’t even know if it’s mine” and told her to have an abortion.

Five days before he killed Palhares, Wall told a co-worker on a construction site: “I am going to f***ing kill her, I might punch her in the guts first”.

Two days later he told another colleague: “I’m going to go to jail for life over this woman”.

Wall went to the Surfers Paradise Police Station on February 2 where he told officers she would not be having her baby, dismissed a verbal warning not to approach her and brushed them off when they gave him contact details for counselling and domestic violence services.

He then drove to her home where he bashed her until she was unconscious, jumped on her stomach so hard the soles of his shoes were later identifiable as bruises on her skin, and fractured her face and skull with a tomahawk he found in her shed.

Palhares was taken to hospital after police found her on the bedroom floor with a faint pulse, but could not be saved.

Her brother and his wife, Raphael and Mariana Nakamura Palhares, told the court Palhares had said she was doing everything she could to keep safe, that she had been excited about becoming a mother and regularly sent them photos of her growing belly.

“There was a time when Fabiana trusted you Brock,” their victim impact statement read.

“What you have done is unforgivable.

“It is you who has to live with that, and we hope that it is something that comes to you every single day for the rest of your life, just as it comes to us.”

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