Tuesday's news in under 5 minutes.

1. Brisbane Victim identified

Mayang Prasetyo and Marcus Volke.





The woman who was killed, dismembered and cooked allegedly by her chef husband, Marcus Volke late last week has been identified as a young transgender cabaret performer from Indonesia.

The body parts of 27-year old Mayang Prasetyo, was found by police cooking in chemicals in her Brisbane apartment.

She describes herself on social media as a “top high-class Asian shemale” charging up to $500 an hour for her services as a prostitute.

For more read this post here.

Please note the post contains gruesome details of the horrific crime.

2. Jihadi John located

Jihadi John located.

There are reports that the Islamic State beheader, known as Jihadi John, who was thought to be responsible for several murders including US journalist James Foley has been located by a drone, but that British military officials are planning on continuing bombing for several weeks before trying any raid.

“Right now, a raid would be suicidal,” The Daily Mail reports a source said.

3. Naomi Wolfe under fire

Meanwhile American author Naomi Wolfe has come under fire for suggesting the IS beheading videos on the internet were staged.

She said it would take “five people to stage an event like this”.

She questioned why the media did not investigate the validity of the films more carefully.

Ms Wolf later backtracked, claiming a New York Times reporter had told her a news blackout had been placed on reporting of a series of kidnappings in the region in the past two years.


“It is a terrible thing, a verified video of an assassination, of course. That should go without saying.”

 4. South Australian schools behind the times

Schools in South Australia with students who are gay, lesbian or transgender are increasingly ignoring calls for anti-discrimination policies.

The Advertiser reports that many of these students face bans and bullying.

The newspaper cites the example of a lesbian student being banned by her school from hugging other girls, despite it being permitted for other female students.

As well as a ban on a six-year-old transgender girl wearing a boy’s uniform to school and a sporting club banning a six-year old transgender girl from boys’ sport despite identifying as a boy.

 5. Domestic violence linked to suburbs with more pubs

Domestic violence is worse in suburbs with more bottle shops and pubs.

An inquiry in Victorian parliament into domestic violence has found that violence is worse in suburbs with more bottle shops and pubs.

The inquiry also found that women assaulted by partners who were drunk were more severely hurt.

The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education has said in its submission that half of all police call-outs for family incidents involve alcohol and has urged governments to consider this link when granting liquor licenses.

WA research shows that violence in homes increased by 26% for every extra 10,000 litres of pure alcohol sold.

 6. Woman jailed for child abuse

Warning: this item deals with child abuse.


A woman has been jailed for four years and nine months  – and ordered to serve a minimum of three years and three months for actions against a young boy the judge described as “calculated and ongoing. “

The woman, Julie Sevigny spent three days making the boy eat dog excrement into the boy’s mouth, drink her urine, pour it over his head and beat him about the face.

The judge said Sevigny “showed no remorse for his physical or emotional wellbeing.”

The Age reports that the judge found the photographs of the boy’s injuries  “graphic, disturbing and sickening”

Judge Lisa Hannon said that the boy’s victim impact statement was a “difficult document to read and much less contemplate”.

When he woke from an induced coma he had more than 230 bruises on his body.

Sevigny pleased guilty to the charges.

 7. Teachers should swear an oath.

Should teachers have to swear an oath?

There is a call for teachers to swear an oath before they being teaching our children.

The Courier Mail reports the Queensland College of Teachers has called for teachers to take an oath before entering the classroom along the lines of that which Doctors, Nurses and Lawyers.

“Teachers are trusted enormously by parents and society to do the right thing by students. Having something like an oath would actually highlight that to the registrants and those people within the profession.” Said College director John Ryan

8. Confronting billboard adorns Melbourne’s Citylink

The billboard is apart of a horse racing kills campaign.

In the wake of the Spring Racing Carnival animal activists have unveiled a 22-metre high billboard on the side of the CityLink in Melbourne featuring a dead horse and posing the question “Is the party really worth it”.


The Horse Racing Kills campaign asks those who partake in the festivities to instead donate to their cause.

They have asked for a “retirement plan for ex-racehorses” and bans on jumps racing, the whip and racing two-year-old horses.

Racing Victoria chief executive Bernard Saundry has told The Herald Sun the campaign is offensive and distasteful.

“The health and wellbeing of our equine athletes is at the heart of our industry and central to the thinking of participants and administrators alike.

“The level of care afforded the industry’s equine athletes is practically unmatched by any other domesticated animal.”

9. James Hird

Essendon Coach James Hird has retained his job for the “immediate term” according to The Herald Sun.

They report that show cause notices will be reissued against 34 former and current Essendon players today.

 10. UK backpacker murders

Police in Thailand have revealed that one of the men accused of the murder of British backpackers Hannah Witheridge and David Miller on the holiday island of Koh Tao stole a mobile phone off Miller but then smashed it when he realised he could not use it.

This assisted police in their criminal investigation.

Zaw Rim and Win, both 21, from Myanmar, have been charged with the premeditated murder, rape, theft of Witheridge and Miller and illegal entry into Thailand according to The Bangkok Post.


Police have said that the two men admitted they raped and killed Heather Witheridge after they watched her and Miller who had recently met on the island, hugging and kissing.

Miller suffered severe blows to the head and drowned in the surf.

11. Women do twice as many chores as men

This is a rare image according to the study.

There has been suspicion about this for years and it now has been proven. Two separate British studies have shown that women do twice as many chores as men each week.

Women actually spend 11.5 hours doing housework compared to men’s six hours.

The British study showed that men are mainly in charge of three chores only – putting out the bins, changing light bulbs and DIY.

While women take the responsibility for 36 other household chores including vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, tidying up, washing, ironing and caring for children.

The Telegraph reports that 2/3 of women were happy with the balance and did not want their partner to do more, either because they were comfortable with the balance or because they believed men would not perform tasks “to the requisite standards”.

 12. H&M apologizes over military jumpsuit

The offensive item.

Fashion retailer H&M has been forced into to apologize after releasing a jumpsuit in its Autumn range modelled on the uniforms worn by female Kurdish soldiers battling Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Social media users were furious at the fashion giant

“At times like these, they choose to capitalise from the brave Kurdish fighters in Kurdistan. They should be ashamed of themselves!’” wrote one


The Daily Mail reports that H&M issued an apology “We are truly sorry if we have offended anyone with this piece, this was of course never our intention,”

‘The jumpsuit in question is made in a light and comfortable material and is a part of a larger collection consisting of many garments in khaki green, which also is one of the trendiest colors this season.

 13. Miracle birth

The first baby born from a womb transplant has been born to a woman in Sweden.

The 36-year-old mother, who was born without a uterus, received a donated womb from a friend in her 60s who had gone through menopause.

According to The Lancet the baby was born prematurely in September weighing 1.8kg, but is now doing well.

The BBC reports the baby’s father said in an interview “It was a pretty tough journey over the years, but we now have the most amazing baby.

“He’s no different from any other child, but he will have a good story to tell.”

 14. Inspiring bride walks down aisle

A woman in the US has stunned her family and friends after walking down the aisle for her wedding six years after she was paralyzed from the waist down after a car crash.

Gina Giaffoglione who for years has been confined to a wheelchair, wanted to fulfill her childhood dream of walking down the aisle with her dad.

Giaffoglione attended months of therapy to learn how to stand tall and walk with the help of a custom-designed brace and crutch with her father by her side.


And then this… Amazing!

15. Kurdish suicide bomber

Media reports suggest a female suicide bomber has blown herself up in an attempt to defeat advancing Islamic State militants.

The Kurdish female fighter, believed to be the mother of two small children, blew herself up on the front line in Turkey-Syria border town Kobani, killing several IS fighters, The Australian reports.

The bomber, in her 20s, was a full-time YPG fighter identified as Dilar Gencxemis, alias Arin Mirkan, reports.

“She killed dozens of gang members and demonstrated the YPG fighters’ determined resistance,” her group said, in a statement carried by the pro-Kurdish Firat news agency and reported by

16. Hillsong Church Brian Houston reportedly accused 7-year-old sex abuse victim of “tempting” his father.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse today heard that the leader of the Hillsong Church Brian Houston once accused a 7-year-old sexual abuse victim of “tempting” his perpetrator into assaulting him.

Brian Houston’s late father Pastor Frank is accused of assaulting seven boys.

The victim, now 52, alleges Brian Houston told him in 2000: “You know this is your fault this all happened. You tempted my father.”

However at the hearing today the leader of the Pentecostal church denied it.

“I strongly refute that I, at any time, accused him of tempting my father. I would never say this and I do not believe this” he said.


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