A Brisbane mum has pleaded with Julie Bishop to bring home her abducted children.


“Help bring my babies home for Christmas.”

Sally Faulkner is a Brisbane mum who hasn’t seen her children since they were kidnapped and taken to Lebanon six months ago.

Now, in pure desperation, she has turned to the government to help bring back her two kids.

The young mum has released an emotional video message to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop in a bid to see her children, Noah, 2, and Lahela, 5, be returned home by Christmas.

Sally appeared on A Current Affair earlier this year, when her kids had been gone six weeks. Six weeks has now become six months.

In the video, obtained by, Sally fights back tears explaining that she hasn’t seen Noah or Lahela since their father abducted them earlier this year.

“My two small and very young children have been kidnapped and taken overseas to Lebanon by my ex-husband.

“For six months now I’ve not seen them or heard from them.”

The appeal, if acted upon, will require the Foreign Minister to tackle what is a complex Lebanese court system. Given that parental child abduction is currently not criminalised in Australia, receiving assistance from the government has proven difficult so far.

The international custody battle between Sally and her ex-husband, Ali Elamine, began when the children were taken to Lebanon and the young mum was told ‘they aren’t coming home to Australia, ever’.

It’s an unimaginable nightmare, one which has prompted Sally to create a petition on, which so far has had the support of over 14,000 signatories.

But this is an issue that doesn’t get adequate attention, says Sally, and her story does not exist in isolation.

“It’s not just about me and my children, there are hundreds and hundreds of families that this has happened to,” she says.

“They can’t really do anything. Some people spend over $100,000 that could have been spent on the children.”


For now, she waits anxiously, hoping that someone will help her bring Noah and Lahela home.

“This man stole my kids quietly and will face no punishment. I’m scared every second — they were taken to the middle east and I still don’t know if they’re safe,” said.

“My kids are in danger and the government won’t help. It’s a hell I can’t describe.”

Sally posted this heartbreaking video to YouTube last month, titled ‘Bring Lahela and Noah back’. (Post continues after video.)

Video via Sally Faulkner

In a statement to, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said it has provided consular assistance to an Australian woman in the past in relation to a child custody matter in Lebanon.

“The department stands ready to provide the woman with further appropriate assistance if she makes contact.”

To sign Sally Faulkner’s petition, please click here.