It's Bright Pink Lipstick Day. Will you make a promise to kiss and tell?

Bright pink lipstick suits all skin tones, and has an important message today. (Source: iStock.)

It’s Bright Pink Lipstick Day, so why not wear a gorgeous shade of fuchsia on your lips as you raise awareness for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer?

Pink Hope is the preventative health charity behind Bright Pink Lipstick Day and they’re working to ensure that our community is aware of breast and ovarian cancer. Pink Hope supply much-needed information, hope and guidance to women and families who are affected by these two types of cancer – a brilliant idea.

This year, the focus of Bright Pink Lipstick Day (apart from creating luscious lips, of course) is to “kiss and tell”. This is a cute way of suggesting that we should open up conversations on family health history. As scary as it can be to talk about health with our families, it’s a crucial step in determining our own level of risk when it comes to breast and ovarian cancer.

The Mamamia Women’s Network got on board. (Post continues after video.)

Of course, we can’t have a story about bright pink lipstick without me informing you that it is one of my favourite beauty products of all time. It is! Swipe it over your lips and it’s an instant pick-me-up. Blend a sheer layer over your cheeks for a subtle crème blush effect.


If you purchase the official Pink Hope lipstick by Luma Cosmetics, $19.95, 100 per cent of the proceeds will be directed to Pink Hope.

Jessica (right) and Ashley (left) Hart wear pink lipstick for Bright Pink Lipstick Day. (Source:


Jessica Hart, the Aussie model and founder of Luma Cosmetics is wearing this lipstick shade with her sister Ashley as an ambassador for Bright Pink Lipstick Day.

Get your lipstick out, hashtag your selfie with #BrightPinkLipstickDay, and spread the word about Pink Hope.

What's your favourite brand and shade of pink lipstick?