The Golden Globes moment that wiped the smile off Brie Larson's face.

From Meryl Streep’s takedown of Donald Trump to Ryan Gosling’s sweet recognition of his wife Eva Mendes, the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards did not fail to deliver some powerful moments.

But perhaps the most poignant was one that, for many, slipped under the radar.

It was the moment an advocate for sexual assault victims was forced to reward an alleged perpetrator. On stage. In front of cameras being broadcast around the world.

This wasn’t a blink-and-you-might-miss-it moment. It happened in plain sight. You could have had your eyes glued to the screen and still not noticed. Which makes it all the more important.

So let’s recap: 41-year-old actor Casey Affleck picked up the Golden Globe for best actor in a drama for his role in Manchester by the Sea.

Brie Larson's look of disdain. Image: NBC.

Awards tradition dictates that the winner of the women's acting award will announce the winner of the men's in the same category the following year - and vice versa.

So as it happened, Brie Larson, 27, was the one tasked with calling out the winner of the award, having won best actress in 2016

Larson, who blew us away in her role as a sexual assault survivor in Room. 

Larson, who has become a famous women's rights advocate and a voice for sexual abuse victims.

Larson, who at last year's Oscar Awards ceremony -- where she also won top honours -- walked up and hugged every single one of the dozens of sexual assault survivors who had been on stage during a Lady Gaga performance.

And then we have Casey Affleck.

You probably know him for his on-screen work, and as Ben Affleck's younger brother. What you might not know is that he has been involved in two sexual misconduct and harassment lawsuits.

Two female colleagues who worked with Affleck on a 2010 film he directed, I'm Still Here, alleged Affleck verbally and sexually harassed them on various occasions.


Cinematographer Magdalena Gorka said, in her complaint, her time working with Affleck was the "most traumatising of her career". She claimed at one point, Affleck slid into her bed uninvited "wearing only his underwear" and began "caressing her back".

Producer Amanda White's complaint stated that Affleck propositioned and grabbed her. She also claimed in another incident, he instructed a staff member to display his penis.

Affleck denied wrongdoing and settled both claims outside of court, but details of the deals remain a secret.

Casey Affleck with his trophy. Image: Getty.

The allegations painted a history of disturbing behaviour, and their re-emergence had the potential to sink his hopes for glory this awards season.

But as is so often the case in Hollywood, a blind eye was turned, and now he is on track to win best actor at the Oscars next month.

So when Larson called out Affleck's name at the Golden Globes, she handled it... well, perfectly.

The actress managed to stay completely poised and professional. But she did not allow her composure to hide her feelings.

As she read his name, the smile fell from her face.

She didn't clap.

She didn't offer him a congratulatory kiss.

She didn't give him a hug, let alone a pat on the back.

She didn't celebrate. She didn't show any joy whatsoever. Only disdain.

She mustered a flat 'congratulations' and darted away.

She did the very best she could under the circumstances. An apparent display of disapproval that, in its subtlety, was ever more striking.

Under the spotlight, her frostiness was the most cutting response of all.




Larson has not commented publicly, but odds are we will see a similar exchange played out again soon.

Affleck is now the favourite to win best actor at the Oscars next month. And should this prediction turn out right, Larson will have to be there to award him all over again.

It is a difficult situation for her to be in, but no doubt she will handle it as expertly as she did yesterday.

And we'll be there to back her.