3 undeniable facts which prove there is no such thing as a "bridezilla".

Getting engaged can be one of the most exciting times in your life. But it’s also one of the most stressful.

Here’s a little truth bomb for you: Bridezillas don’t exist. Never have. Won’t ever. End of story.

Yes, like Kardashians without Instagram filters, they are, in fact, a myth. Before you regale me with tales of your psycho friend who ordered her fiancé to rework his proposal because his first attempt sucked (yes, I actually know a woman who did this), let me ask you this:

Was said friend already a little/extremely crazy PRE-wedding?

I’ll bet my fiancé that most of the time, your answer will be, yes. Why? Because PEOPLEzillas aren’t make-believe.

They’re demanding, they’re fiery, they’re irrational.

But they’re like that regardless of whether they’re about to be a bride or not.

1. When you’re engaged to be wed, you cannot please anyone everyone

Unless you’re planning on having a cookie cutter wedding; expect to piss people off with even the tiniest of decisions you make. Elaine from Seinfeld is my dance spirit animal, so you’d think I’d be met with approval when telling people I’d be ditching the “first dance” for my big day. Instead there have been tears (really) and exclamations of “YOU CANNOT DO THIS TO ME”.

… And that was just my fiancé.

2. Being a bride is HARD

Getting engaged is a delightful, wonderful thing. Then the wedding planning starts. And then come the questions from family, guests and Facebook acquaintances you thought you’d unfriended ages ago.

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One bride friend was told that under no circumstances could any dishes at her wedding contain capsicum. Not because anyone had an allergy but because this particular guest wasn’t that partial to the vegetable.

Another friend has had to actively prevent herself from spontaneously combusting when her mother-in-law, who she kindly invited along dress-shopping, told her she looked “horrible” in most of her choices.

Are you starting to see why brides can get a little tense at times?

3. Weddings are bloody expensive

Have you ever made a really big purchase? Was it a) anxiety-inducing or b) causing you to eat canned tuna for dinner every night? Welcome to bridal bliss.

The average Aussie wedding costs around $36,200, according to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s latest data. And that my friends, is enough to make me cry silent (and jealous) tears of joy for people who decide to elope.

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