Bridesmaids and groomsmen... It's time to tell on the happy couple.

You’ll never want to be in a wedding party after reading these bride/groom-zilla horror stories.

Of course, the wedding day is all about the bride and groom. It’s their big day.

And for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, their number one priority is making the couple as happy as possible. But some demands just go WAY too far.

From no hair-cut contracts to last minute decoration demands, the following six stories will have you hoping like hell you’re never in that kind of wedding party.

1. “My cousin was having her sister as her Maid of Honour. Her sister is quite large and didn’t feel comfortable in a strapless dress. She politely asked if she could wear a shawl over her shoulders to cover herself up. My cousin flipped her sh*t, kicked her out of the wedding completely, and had security watch the entire night making sure her own sister didn’t show up. She wasn’t allowed on the property because she was uncomfortable showing so much skin. It was actually really sad.”

2. "My friend was a groomsman and the groom was a d*ck about the littlest stuff. For example, my friend has had a mohawk for years. The groom asked my friend to shave it off a week before the wedding or my friend couldn't be a groomsman anymore. My friend happily enjoyed the wedding as a guest. (And before anyone suggests that the bride was behind it, she backed my friend up completely.)"


3. "One of my bridesmaids asked my permission to cut and straighten her hair 2 months before the wedding. I was flabbergasted and told her she could do whatever she wanted. She was relieved and told me one of her friends made her bridesmaids sign a contract stating they could not gain or lose too much weight, or cut their hair without consulting the bride first. Some girls are crazy!"

4. "My brother was annoying as a groom. His friends and myself were supposed to plan his bachelor party, but he didn't like what we did for him. He took things into his own hands along with one of his douchebag friends and just went out to bars while myself and others waited for him with what we had planned. Ever since then, he along with his wife and her cousin constantly bring up how he had a sh*tty bachelor party."

5. "I have a friend who was being the bridesmaid in a wedding with a bride who was VERY disorganised. It was quite a big wedding with maybe 100 guests, reception being held in a town hall. Three days before the wedding, the bride calls my friend and says... "hmm, we really should do some decorations. Can you organise some decorations for the hall, please? K, thanks, bye." So all of a sudden my friend has three days to organise decorations for a wedding in a massive hall (which she had never personally seen), along with all her other bridesmaid duties in the lead-up. She was super pissed off."


6. "I was a bridesmaid for my friend, all the other bridesmaids were her sisters, so I was the only non-family bridesmaid. My friend asked me to help out with stuff, but every time I asked the sisters if I could help or offered an opinion on things I got rude responses or rejections. I asked if I could help plan the bachelorette party, offered some ideas, they outright said 'no, we don't like that, no, we don't want to do that' and then actually stole all of my ideas and pretty much took credit for them. They also did matching bachelorette outfit stuff (think cheesy boas, etc) for the bride and them, but left me out of it. Then, on the day of the wedding, the sisters made sure that they had matching accessories to go with the dress and made sure I was left out of that too. Any time the photographer wanted bridesmaids pictures, they'd say "SISTERS PICTURE" and I'd get pushed out of it, so I'm in very few pictures."

Do you have any bridal party horror stories to add?

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