CULT BUY: The bridesmaid dress that suits any shape or size. (Yes, really.)

Successfully finding a bridesmaid dress is like navigating a minefield – close to impossible.

Until now.

It turns out a dress really does exist that works for all shapes, sizes, ages and skin tones (and no, it’s not just in your dreams).

Say hello to the multiway (or convertible) dress.

A go-to favourite raved about in many wedding forums, it really will suit everyone in your bridal party – and it’s available in just about every colour under the sun.

The secret to its universally flattering wearability is its versatility. A simple flowing skirt with two super long strips it can be tied, twisted, knotted, folded or draped into over 15 different styles from sweetheart to strapless to short sleeves to backless.


The adaptable design is inspired by the ‘All In One Dress’ created in 1973 by Norma Kamali, which has been slightly redesigned for more formal events.

Many bridal and fashion sites stock variations, with some of the most popular options in Australia being from Two Birds, $370, available in 31 colours, the infinity dress from Gown House, $99 or the multi-way wrap dress from PS Frocks for $94.95.

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Have a search on international online sites and you’ll probably be able to find one that gets you change from a $50 note. (Although as with many online purchases, always do your research into sizing and quality. Sometimes if things are too good to be true in terms of price, they probably are!)


The sizes cater to a number of different body shapes, with most retailers stocking up to a size 18. Colours range from pretty pastel pinks to charcoal or bright coral, with blush pink being one of the most popular shades.

Why restrict yourself to just one colour? Do what this gorgeous bride did and have 10! ????

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In danger of going into cliches, this may very well be a dress you’ll be “able to wear again”.

And why restrict it to bridesmaids either? It’s perfect for any formal occasion – or you know, just around the house.

Did you have this dress at your wedding or wear it as a bridesmaid? What did you think?