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Most brides wear their wedding dress once. This woman's worn hers 148 times.

Jennifer Salvage on her wedding day
Jennifer Salvage on her wedding day


Not many brides can say they have worn their wedding dress since well, their wedding.

Not many brides have asked their dressmakers to create a gown that was durable and crushable.

And not many brides can say that they have stuffed their wedding dress into a backpack and taken it around the world.

That is, until now.

Jennifer Salvage has worn her wedding dress in 19 countries, over 100 locations, stuffed it in numerous backpacks and has posed for 148 photo shoots.

She’s worn in sky diving, scuba diving, horse riding and on the Great Wall of China.

And it’s all be done in the name of love art and travel.

Jennifer and her photographer husband Jeff were married in 2008, on one of the most uninhabited places in the world, Easter Island. And since their marriage the couple have spent the five years travelling the world capturing images of Jennifer in her wedding dress, and sharing them on their website ‘One Dress, One woman, One world’.

We thought the project was pretty amazing and wanted to share some of the images with you.

Take a look at some of their amazing photos:


Photos have been republished here with full permission, to see more click here.

The Maggie Sottero gown has flown over 147,500 miles, been carried over a sacred volcano crater, stuffed in a backpack, worn skydiving and been captured in some of the most breathtaking places, including the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China. Compared to other wedding dresses, it has had a pretty full life, and according to the couples website, will continue to do so as they resume their ‘never ending honeymoon’.

Have you ever worn your wedding dress again?

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