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GET EXCITED: Everything you need to know about the new season of Bride & Prejudice.

Here we go again.

Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings is officially back for another year, and we’re shamelessly preparing for yet another drama-fuelled season.

In its third season, the reality show will focus on five new Australian couples whose families will do just about anything to stop the from getting married.

From religious differences to accusations of kidnapping, these five couples are fighting to get married – despite what their parents think.

Watch the trailer for the new season of Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings below. Post continues after video.

Over the course of the series, the five couples and their families come together at a retreat for family therapy, before they finally walk down the aisle.

Here’s everything we know so far about the five couples:

Codie-Lea and Nathan

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bride and prejudice australia 2019
Codie-Lea and Nathan. Image: Channel Seven.

Codie-Lea, 21, and 25-year-old Nathan have been together since 2015. The pair also share a two-year-old daughter – Starr-Armani.

Although the Gold Coast couple have been inseparable since they first met, Nathan's mother strongly disapproves of their relationship.

Things escalated between Codie-Lea and Nathan's mother Laurelle when Codie-Lea woke up to find her then three-week-old daughter missing from her home. She soon discovered that Laurelle had taken the then-unvaccinated baby shopping.

Following the incident, the couple are still waiting for an apology from Laurelle. They also haven't spoken to Laurelle for over a year.

"Codie-Lea has taken my son and my granddaughter away and if she was on fire, I wouldn't even spit on her," Laurelle said.

"I will do what it takes to see my granddaughter but I'm not going to bow down to a 20-year-old plastic bitch," she added.

"Codie is a plastic barbie girl and I don't think she's human. Everything about her is false. Fake boobs, fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake lips. I hate her guts." Yikes.


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Milly and Micah

Instagram: @millyjohnson.

bride and prejudice australia 2019
Milly and Micah. Image: Channel Seven.

Milly met Californian Micah while she was backpacking in America. When she returned home to Australia, Milly discovered that she was pregnant with Micah's child.

Now, two years later, the pair are dealing with a long-distance relationship while parenting their son. Although Micah originally moved to Australia, he had to move back to America due to visa and money issues.

Things also got hard for the couple in Australia when Milly's mum Catherine found marijuana in her home belonging to Micah.

"Micah is a selfish, post smoking California dreamer... due to his addiction, he is a stoner, a loser, he is not the man that I want for my daughter of the father I want for my grandson... he is actually a deadbeat dad," Milly's mother Catherine said.


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Jess and JoJo

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bride and prejudice australia 2019
Jess and JoJo. Image: Channel Seven.

Jess, 28, and JoJo, 38, have been together since they met online two and half years ago. Although the pair have travelled together and even bought a house together, JoJo's parents, Sid and Lody, strongly disapprove same-sex marriage.

In a situation that many same-sex couples face, JoJo's parents, who are of a strict Catholic faith, aren't willing to "sin in front of God" by attending their upcoming wedding.

"They're good people, but they are not doing the right thing," Lody said. "As much as I love Jess and Joanne, I won't see them getting married."

"They're not to be together. A woman and a woman, it's not right," Sid added.

By attending counselling, JoJo hopes her parents can accept their upcoming union so that her father can walk her down the aisle on her wedding day.


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Dannii and Denton

bride and prejudice australia 2019
Dannii and Denton. Image: Channel Seven.

Melbourne couple Dannii, 24, and Denton, 27, first met while working together at a local RSL club. Although Dannii describes Denton as her rock, Dannii's mother Donna isn't a fan of Denton because she thinks he's a "spoilt rich kid".

"Denton's a spoilt little rich kid. He needs to pull his head in and grow up," Donna said.

"I think Dannii needs to be with a real man because Denton needs to get some balls. Denton is overweight; he's a cocky little ass**** with a cocky hairstyle."


Tori and James

Instagram: @james_ciseau.
Instagram: @tori_rose16.

bride and prejudice australia 2019
Tori and James. Image: Channel Seven.

28-year-old Tori and 34-year-old James have been together since they met five years ago.

The pair, who are now engaged, are also parents to a three-year-old daughter, but Tori's mother Mary-Ann believes Tori can do better than tradie James.

"My first impression of James was I didn't like him," Mary-Ann said. "The bad boy image came across, the tats. I just thought Victoria could do better. My ideal son-in-law for Victoria would be a professional person.


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Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings airs tonight on Channel 7 at 7.30pm.

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