14 makeup things every bride needs on her wedding day.

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After sorting out your dress, hair, flowers, veil, shoes and makeup, it can be easy to overlook the smaller items that you’ll need with you on your wedding day.

Here are some items that may come in handy, most of which will fit in a small clutch.


1. Lipstick/Lipgloss

This is something you’ll need to touch up throughout the day (especially after all that smooching) so ask your makeup artist (if you’re using one) for the name of the lipstick she used in your trial and be sure to have it on hand to re apply.

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2. Breath mints

You can look like a princess but if you stink like a frog, it's not going to be an enjoyable first kiss for hubby.

Pop a small packet of travel mints in your purse for the perfect peck, and to avoid wafting champagne breath all over your guests.

That's not the lasting memory you want people to have of you on your wedding day.

3. Safety pins

This is one of those items that you hope to NOT need - but you'll be thankful if you do.

I have been to two weddings recently where the brides dress needed some repairs throughout the day.

One beaded cap sleeve came off the shoulder and the other had a hole appear at the bottom of the corset. Both were easily fixed thanks to someone having a safety pin on hand.

4. Blister packs/Bandaids

Don't spend your first dance in agony because of the blisters that have appeared on your tootsies during the day.

Slip a blister cover or a few bandaids in your bag to stop shoes from rubbing (and try to wear in your heels before the day)

5. Compact mirror

Having a tiny mirror in your purse lets you do a quick check while no ones watching, and will save your photographer from having to edit out the spinach between your teeth captured perfectly while you laughed at the best man's speech.


6. Tissues

I had grand plans of walking down the aisle like an elegant, gliding swan.

Instead I appeared in front of my husband like a choking seal.

Overcome by emotion, I was happy to have a tissue on hand to catch the waterworks before it ruined my makeup and I started dripping snot. I am not what you may call a "pretty cry-er"

7. Powder/blotting paper

Once again, I'll reference my own wedding here because dammit, it was hot.

Forty six degrees in fact.

Yep, I chose the hottest day on record to get married. And I got married in the sun. (Someone actually fainted.)

Blotting papers and powder were therefore relied on heavily by myself and the bridal party to avoid turning into shiny disco balls for photos.

8. Concealer/Stick foundation

If for some reason your makeup does start melting, running off your face with your tears, or generally just getting a little tired, it's a good idea to carry a concealer, or stick foundation with you for touch ups.

(I love the new formula of Bobbi Brown stick foundation)

Now by now you've probably run out of room in your own purse, so here are a couple more things you may wish to include in the bag of one of your bridesmaids.

9. Makeup remover cotton buds

If your mascara does start to head south (waterproof girls, waterproof!) DO NOT try and rub it off. With it you will take the rest of your face. Instead use a cotton bud that has a little makeup remover already inside (Yes! These exist!) to dab off the offending marks, and then reapply some concealer over the top.


10. Eyedrops

Pop a couple of drops in after the ceremony to reduce any redness from runaway tears.

11. Panadol

You don't want to spend all this time and money on a wedding only to come down with a high headache. Pop a couple in your bag (or someone else's) just in case.

And if you don't end up using them on the wedding day, theres a high chance you'll be pretty happy to find them there the morning after.

12. Stain remover

I'm not talking about carting around a giant tub of Napisan with you, but picking up a travel sized stain remover might come in handy.

Also, on this, if you choose to have lilies in your bouquet, remove the yellow centres. Many a bride has had a dress ruined from the stamen of the flowers rubbing on the crisp white silk.

13. Hairspray

Not only is it good for its intended use (hair), hairspray is also amazing for keeping veils perky and stiff for photos. Just make sure you use a colour safe one to avoid staining the delicate fabric.

14. Vodka

Small bottle. Only if you have space.


What was the one item you absolutely needed on your wedding day?