Sad news: Brian Henderson is battling cancer for the fourth time.







Television legend Brian Henderson has revealed that he is battling throat cancer, 9NEWS reports.

The former 9NEWS anchor – who has already survived bowel, prostate and skin cancer –  was diagnosed during a routine check-up with his GP after his wife prompted him to mention “a tickle in his throat”.

“Doctors have been very positive, I think I’m lucky, I really think I’m lucky and it’s an object lesson really in checking up on even the smallest thing,” he told 9NEWS.

Mr Henderson will now undergo six weeks of radiation therapy, which is says he is “not exactly looking forward to.”

“I’m lucky it was found, that’s why I’m lucky,” he said.

Mr Henderson, affectionately known as “Hendo” is best known as host of the 9NEWS Sydney 6pm bulletin – a position he held between 1964 and 2002.

His legendary status was confirmed last year when he was inducted into the Logies Hall of Fame.

We wish him all the best.