Carrie Bickmore asks Brendan Fevola the question we were all waiting for.

Brendan Fevola has arisen from his I’m A Celebrity experience the most unlikely white swan. And we bet all of Australia is currently re-evaluating their previously conceived judgement of old Fev.

One thing that perhaps isn’t as much a surprise to the audience, however, is the fact Fevola seems like the type of guy who will do whatever the hell wants.

And that he did.

As it turns out, when Fevola announced last night to the hundreds of thousands of viewers watching at home that he would donate half of his winning to his runner-up’s charity, he hadn’t even told his great mate Shane Warne — also known as the man whose charity Fevola initially promised the $100,000 worth of winnings to.

Fevola appeared on The Project this evening to chat about his win, and was probed by prominent brain cancer advocate Carrie Bickmore, as to whether or not Shane Warne was actually aware that Fevola had decided to split his winnings with Paul Harragon’s charity, The Mark Hughes Foundation.

Brendan Fevola. Image via Channel 10.

The Mark Hughes foundation raises much needed funds to promote research, heighten awareness and support brain cancer patients.

“Ah, no. I hadn’t spoken to Shane at all about that,” he told the program.

He went on to explain that throughout his time in the jungle, Fevola grew quite close to runner-up Harragon, and was humbled to hear his story about his best friend, Mark Hughes.

“Paul and I struck up a really good friendship from day one,” he said. “The only reason that Paul got into I’m a Celebrity was for his best mate Mark Hughes. After talking to him about brain cancer and the tumours that he has had in his brain at a very young age, I was heartbroken.”

Shane Warne’s charity, The Shane Warne Foundation, has been under the watchful eye of the media as of late, after allegations it had only donated 16 cents of every dollar raised and was currently in the middle of an audit.

Despite this, Fevola promises that the money will go to well-deserved causes that are close to the Shane Warne Foundation’s heart.

“I was pretty chuffed I was able to do this for the big fella and pretty happy I could also donate some money to the Shane Warne Foundation, too,” he said.