Breeana Robinson was 21 when she moved in with her first serious boyfriend. Just 38 days later, she was dead.

This post contains discussion of suicide and may be distressing to some readers.

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Breeana Robinson was 21 years old when she moved in with her much older boyfriend, Dan Shearin, who was 40 at the time.

She made the move, into a Gold Coast high-rise building at Broadwater, despite the concerns of her family. They were troubled by the relationship. Speaking with Sunday Night, Robinson’s mother referred to Shearin, as “not safe” for her daughter.

The pair had a history of vicious arguments. Shearin had sent the young woman over 1400 abusive text messages, riddled with horrific insults and slurs, in the months leading up to her death. But Robinson assured her mum, Elaine, her boyfriend was “not like that anymore.”

Robinson was a former Gold Coast Titans cheerleader. She was legally blind due to a congenital eye condition. She dreamed of becoming a dancer and entertaining on cruise ships. Shearin, himself a cruise ship entertainer, had promised that he could help her career.

On the night she died, she’d told a friend she was excited about the future. She was looking forward to an upcoming trip to Bali.

Bree's mum wants the truth. Image: Sunday Night.

Hours later, on January 2013, Robinson was dead, having fallen from the 11th floor balcony of the apartment she shared with Shearin.


Shearin said that his young girlfriend had taken her own life, while he was laying down in the bedroom. He claimed he didn't touch her, and police found none of his DNA on her body.

He also claimed she'd discussed taking her own life two weeks prior. "She said, "I'm disappointing you, I'm disappointing my mother. I may as well throw myself off the balcony." And that floored me," he told Sunday Night. 

Contrary to Shearin's account of that night, neighbours say that around 9.30pm, they heard arguing and a chair being dragged across the floor. They say they heard a woman scream, "No".

Shearin's behaviour in the minutes and hours after Robinson's death was suspicious.

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As Robinson lay dying on the ground, neighbours say Shearin claimed he was thirsty, and went upstairs to get a bottle of water. In the days after her death, he withdrew money from Robinson's account. A building attendant says he held a party at their flat.

Seven days after Robinson died, he flew to Bali, on the trip they were meant to take together. It was an act of self-preservation, Shearin told Sunday Night. 

"I just got to get away, shut my phone off for however many days kind of time. And on the exact time that her ceremony, or her funeral, was going on here on the coast, you know, (I put) some rose petals out on to the water," he said. 

Multiple women spoke to Sunday Night, claiming Shearin was abusive towards them, and has an explosive tempter. In February, he was given 12 months of probation for cyber stalking a woman he met on a dating website.

Shearin was not charged in the death of his girlfriend.

The coroner has announced that the investigation will be reopened, looking at, "specific circumstances surrounding Breeana's death, particularly how she came to fall to her death and whether any recommendations can be made to prevent deaths from occurring in similar circumstances."

Robinson's mother just wants to know what really happened that night. "He's a very dangerous man. Absolutely," she told Sunday Night. "Someone's still looking into (the case). Yeah, welcome news. You know, trying to find the truth. And that's what we want. We want the truth."