If you're ever feeling anxious or stressed, this simple gif might help you remember to breathe.

Image via iStock.

Breathing techniques are commonly recommended as a way to manage mild levels of anxiety, but on those days when you’re feeling panicked or stressed it can be challenging to take a moment to pause, inhale, exhale.

However, one simple breathing exercise, in the form of a GIF, could make it a lot easier.

The looping image, which is currently trending on Tumblr, simply instructs you to breathe in time as it moves and changes. The loop takes just eight seconds: four seconds in, and four seconds out. It’s simple, but incredibly effective:


The GIF is quickly spreading on social media, where people have shared how it has helped them remember to breathe.

Anxiety can feel like an an incredibly isolating experience, but it isn't uncommon. In fact, according to beyondblue one in three Australian women will experience anxiety in their lifetime.

While deep breathing exercises like this one can be an effective way to help you reduce feelings of anxiety, it's important to consult with an expert if those symptoms become persistent or impact on how you go about your life.

“We live in a world where every time you speak to someone, they’re stressed. When it becomes ongoing and that worry is really getting in the way of the way you live your life, you’ve got to do something about it," says Danielle Buckley, registered psychologist and senior associate at the Positivity Institute.

"If you do put your hand up, there are things we can do to help you get through that pain ... You don't have to live like this."

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