"Feed fearlessly. Get your boobs out for your babies."

It’s World Breastfeeding Week. And this mum has a message for anyone’s who’s worried about feeding in public: Screw that.

Every couple of weeks there’s another story about a mum getting shamed for breastfeeding in public. Anyone might think that this kind of thing happens all the time – that you can’t whip out a nipple in a cafe without someone telling you to put it away.

Well, it didn’t happen to me.

I breastfed my kids for a total of six years, and not once did someone even frown at me. That’s lucky for them, because I was all ready to defend my legal right to breastfeed anywhere, anytime.

I would eat entire meals at restaurants while my baby was having a good feed too. My daughter was a restless baby, but she would happily breastfeed for long stretches and fall asleep at the boob. That meant I could stay at the table and join in the conversation, although sometimes I needed someone to cut up my steak.

I would answer the door to couriers with a baby on my breast. When I was working from home, I would often be feeding while working on the computer. If the doorbell rang, I’d just walk up the hall and answer it, baby sucking away. None of the couriers looked even vaguely surprised.

I put my toddler on the boob in the middle of a staff meeting at work. Once I was called in for a quick catch-up in the office and thought my young son might sit quietly in the corner. Ha. I ended up feeding him just so I could focus on what was being said. The meeting went on.

My baby and I would both go (non-alcoholic) drinking at the pub. Most people who go to pubs have seen boobs before, anyway. It’s no big deal.


I shopped while she suckled. With a baby sling and a bit of manoeuvring, I could walk around stores while my bub was happily occupied. I even had both hands free.

I breastfed in planes, trains and other forms of public transport. It’s a simple fact that if you feed a baby when a plane is taking off or landing, the pressure doesn’t build up in their ears and they’re less likely to scream. Really, you’re doing the other passengers a massive favour. Meanwhile, feeding in trains meant I could relax, read a book and enjoy the trip.

You know the one place I never fed my kids? Sitting on a public toilet. Because that’s just a bit icky. And every time I read about women hiding away in grotty loos with their babies, I feel angry.

The law is on our side.

If someone has a problem with the sight of a woman breastfeeding, they’re a sad individual who needs to go to therapy. The more of us who breastfeed publicly, the easier it becomes for new mums.

So let’s feed fearlessly. Get your boobs out for your babies.

Where's the most memorable place you've breastfed your baby?

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“I’m all for breastfeeding in public. But not here.”

I really hated breastfeeding. And that’s okay.

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