A beautiful image of a breastfeeding firefighter inspires other mums to join the CFA.

A photo of a volunteer firefighter breastfeeding her baby on the Country Fire Authority Facebook page has sparked online debate and is inspiring other mothers to join the organisation.

The post has received around 40,000 likes and shared more than 4500 times since being published earlier this week.

A CFA spokesperson wrote that 1.4 million people had viewed the image and only two had ‘unliked’ the CFA page.

Many others applauded the mother, Angela Joy, and the CFA for supporting breastfeeding women.

Ms Joy told the ABC her husband took the photo near the Tallygaroopna station in northern Victoria, where they are both members, after the CFA requested pictures that represented Australia.

“While this wasn’t the iconic koala or gum tree firefighter image, I sent it in. To me, it represented how grateful I am to be a firefighter in the CFA in a more mature Australia working for such a diverse organisation.”

The mother of four said the image was not about normalising breastfeeding, but if it had that effect, it was an added bonus.

“One of the comments I saw was a young mum contemplating volunteering with the CFA but wasn’t sure if they’d be supportive,” Ms Joy said.

“But after seeing my photo she said she was definitely going to volunteer.”

A number of mothers have expressed a desire to join the CFA in the comments on the post.

A great result.