'My journey hasn't been blissful.' The 'rules' for breastfeeding.

Hi, my name is Bec. I'm 41 and I have an 11-week-old baby. I decided to put my not so blissful breastfeeding journey into words. 

Cross cradle and shove your breast in her mouth. Don't force your breast in her mouth.

Babies know how to feed from the moment they’re born. Feeding is a learned skill for you and your baby.

Keep her nose out from your breast so she can breathe. Don’t worry about her nose, if she can’t breathe, she’ll pull away.

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Use a nipple shield, they’re a godsend. I’d get rid of the nipple shield if I were you.

She’s definitely a baby who likes to suck, give her a dummy. Kiss feeding goodbye if you introduce a dummy.

Don’t worry about dehydration, she looks great. She’s put weight on but not enough.

You’ll need to express or introduce formula. Don’t express or top up, your milk supply will drop.

Expressing will increase your supply. You can’t keep expressing, it’s not sustainable.

Wake her every few hours to feed. Let her sleep, she’ll wake when she’s hungry.

She needs to learn how to self settle. She’s too young for a routine.

If feeding's a struggle, you need to stop for your own mental health. Push through, breast milk is so important.


Use round teats. Use flat teats.

Don’t weigh her regularly, there’s no need. Should we weigh again in a couple of days? 

Use a syringe for top ups instead of a bottle. Syringes impact the anatomy of the mouth.

Those pumps aren’t strong enough, you need hospital grade. That machine is too strong.

Hold her behind the neck. Avoid the neck, she needs to be able to move her head.

Wrap her arms up to make it easier. Leave her arms out, she needs them to feed.

Lay with her skin to skin and let her fall asleep at the breast. Make sure you don’t fall asleep.

Feed on demand. Don’t feed more than three hourly or she’ll get reflux.

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She’s fussing because your flow is too fast. She’s fussing because she’s not getting milk fast enough.

Has she got a tongue tie? Tongue ties don’t impact feeding.

You don’t need a wide mouth. Compress your breast like a burger and wait until her mouth is wide.

Breastfeeding is so natural. Breastfeeding is a huge challenge.

Get help. Don’t get help, follow your instincts.

Co sleep for attachment. Don’t co sleep, she could die.

How do YOU feel it’s going Bec? Be honest.

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