9 facts about boobs, bounce, and exercise we bet you didn't know.

When I was asked to write about boobs and exercise I wasn’t sure whether I should be insulted or flattered.

Yes, I have boobs, and yes, having my children significantly increased the size of my boobs.

I remember there was once a time when I could wear no bra. Now I’m three cup sizes larger and those days are memories far off in a distant past life. I haven’t been able to do that for the best part of a decade. Suffice to say exercise is something that I have to prepare well for.

We all know breasts have an effect on what style of exercise you do, how often you exercise and what gym gear you wear but we bet you didn’t know these facts about boobs, bounce, and exercise.

Just as an FYI, this post is sponsored by Berlei. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100 per cent authentic and written in their own words.

1. Female breasts have been recorded to move up to 21cm during exercise. A B-cup moves up to 8cm.

The bigger the boob, the bigger the bounce.

Yes that is a B cup! For anyone who is larger than a B cup your boobs are probably moving more than 8cm. That’s a fairly significant amount. And the bigger the boob, the bigger the bounce.

2. 72% of women experience breast pain during exercise.

Don’t endure the pain.

Almost three quarters of women who are trying to be healthy and exercise are experiencing PAIN. And not the good ‘it was leg day today’ pain, the bad ‘OMG I need a better bra’ pain. Physical pain. That is not fair.

3. The right sports bra reduces bounce by 60%.

This bra reduces bounce by up to 50%.

If my boobs are going to be bouncing upwards of 8cm (ok let’s face it I’m so not a B cup it’d be WAY more than 8cm) I’m going to look after them. Berlei are the only sports bras proven by the AIS to reduce bounce by up to 60%.

4. Without proper support you can damage your breasts while exercising.

Take care of yourself, and jump for the stars.

Exercise puts strain on the ligaments in our breasts. If we don’t look after our breasts properly we can actually cause irreversible damage to them.

5. Regular exercise will perk up your breasts.

You can perk them up without ‘the job’.

This happens as exercising this area works the pectoral muscles and these are the muscles holding the breasts higher. If there ever was a reason to exercise more this has to be it.


6. The average breast weighs 0.5 kilograms.

Are you a runner?

That’s a lot of weight to be bouncing up and down while we run. No wonder it hurts so damn much.

7. Breasts keep growing past puberty.

Beyond the puberty blues…

Most of growing through puberty finishes, for women, as teenagers but breasts will continue to grow into your early twenties. By mid-twenties your breasts will have reached their full size. After this, breasts will then only get bigger if you fall pregnant, gain weight and sometimes birth control will increase their size.

8. Our breasts are butterflies.

The Butterfly Effect.

The University of Portsmouth conducted studies and found breasts move separate to the body during exercise and they move in the formation of a butterfly. It sure doesn’t feel that pretty.

And just in case you were wondering:

9. The first sports bras were actually male undergarments.

We’re not even kidding.

The first sports bra, named a ‘jockbra’, was actually made in 1977 when a lady sewed two jockstraps together. Yes. That really happened.

I, for one, am glad we’ve come a long way since then. And ladies, just make sure you have the right bra for you.

How do you avoid pain during exercise?

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