Sophie Cachia says her period returning has had an unusual effect on breastfeeding.

Sophie Cachia, the well-known blogger behind The Young Mummy, has asked for guidance from other breastfeeding mothers after finding her milk production declined once her periods started.

“Will keep trying. But did anyone find when their period returned their milk deteriorated?” the mother of two posted to video sharing platform SnapChat earlier today.

The 26-year-old gave birth to her daughter, Florence, in January this year.

The Young Mummy. Image via social.

Breastfeeding and periods are linked.

While you're breastfeeding regularly, your periods are likely to be irregular and infrequent. When you are breastfeeding less often, only then will your period return to normal.

But what about the other way round? How do periods affect breast milk?

According to Health Direct, the national government-owned health service, Cachia's struggle with breast milk should only be temporary.

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"Some women find a temporary drop in the amount of milk they produce just before their period starts or for a few days into it," the Health Direct website reads.

"But it will increase again when your hormones return to their normal levels."

Good news for Cachia. And thanks are in order, for making known a struggle many women face but very few talk about.

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