This moisturiser will give you wrinkles... and we want to bulk-buy it.

Image: NZ Breast Cancer Foundation.

There are a lot of great reasons to moisturise your face and body every day, but let’s be honest here — much of its appeal lies in its promise to keep skin looking young, plumped-up and radiant.

So what if we told you there was a brand new moisturiser on the market that will probably give you wrinkles, and that you’ll want to buy some right away?

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Allow us to explain: the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, in conjunction with natural beauty brand Skinfood, has created a cream specifically for women to use on their breasts. The product’s aim isn’t to promote supple bosoms, but to encourage women to make breast checks part of their daily body-care routine. (Post continues after gallery.)

Think about it — how often do you hop out of the shower and diligently rub moisturiser on your legs, arms and other exposed areas, but only give your chest a quick once-over, or skip it altogether?

Here’s another question: how often do you remember to check your breasts? Well, here’s an easy way to do both at once.

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Taking the time to apply cream to your chest could help you detect any lumps or unusual changes in your body you mightn’t notice otherwise, which could signal potential cancer. You can give your breasts, neck and armpits a thorough feel while carefully examining the area in the mirror, and it’ll take all of two minutes out of your day. That’s the best kind of multitasking. (Post continues after video.)


‘So… how does this give me wrinkles, exactly?’ you’re probably wondering. Well, there’s a great answer to that question.

When signs of breast cancer are detected early, women have a far greater chance of being treated successfully. In other words, moisturising and checking your boobs every day could help you live a long, and more importantly healthy, life — glorious wrinkles and all.

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Considering 15,600 Australian women are predicted to receive breast cancer diagnoses in 2015 alone, this quick and easy technique is one we should all be taking up with enthusiasm. Along with the important health benefits, just think how lovely and soft your decolletage region will feel after all that moisturising! It’s a win-win.

Currently the product is only available in New Zealand, and $2 from every cream sold is donated to the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation. However, you can get the same benefits using your regular body moisturiser — and make a donation separately to Australia’s National Breast Cancer Foundation.

How often do you check your breasts?