A photographer has captured the magic of a newborn’s incredible breast crawl.

The phenomenon of a breast crawl, where a newborn baby crawls to the mother’s breast to feed after birth, is one rarely seen on camera.

Photographer Leilani Rogers says she was “thrilled” to capture the magic moments of a breast crawl in the US.

“I had seen attempts at the breast crawl before. But it’s a process that takes a lot of patience, ” said the American based photographer.

“Many times mums jump in and help baby. But Jessica was very patient and allowed baby almost a full hour to find the breast on her own.”

The photo series was a plan that Rogers had discussed with parents, Jessica and Don.

Many believe every newborn has the ability to do the breast crawl.  The idea is to place the baby on the mother’s stomach and let it find its way to a mother’s nipple for the first breastfeed.

“[The baby] didn’t fuss, just slowly but surely made her way to the nipple and latched on once she was in just the right position. By the that time she was highly motivated, and so her latch was near perfect with little coaching,” said Rogers.


“Usually I see mums struggle with positioning of the baby, and the breast, and then coaxing the baby to open wider, and wider. And then the nurse laying on pressure for baby to feed. It can be quite a process.”

With “amazing and patient” hospital staff in on the plan, this baby girl was able to crawl months before she will again.

Leilani Rogers, Austin, TX birth and breastfeeding photographer.
Facebook: http://facebook.com/leilani.rogers.photographer
Instagram: @photosbylei
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