A breast cancer video has found a cheeky way around Instagram's nipple ban.

The fact that social media sites like Facebook and Instagram deem women’s nipples “inappropriate” is not only sexist but extremely dangerous.

It means that important health messages – that could potentially save lives – such as those around breast cancer are unable to be shared on the platforms.

However one clever PSA has found a cheeky way around the ban.

An Argentinian breast cancer awareness charity has released a “Everybody Loves Boobs” video to educate women about the realities of cancer and the importance of regularly checking your breasts – with a twist.

Image: Supplied

In place of nipples, there are mouths. Yep, there's a whole host of singing boobs of all shapes, ages and sizes.

One in eight women will get breast cancer and it's likely that you already know someone who has been touched or affected by the disease in some way.

If you're over 40 or at high risk, it's advised you also get annual breast screenings.

So while singing boobs may not be the most conventional messenger, they're certainly doing their bit to protect, our well, bits.


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