Breaking news: comments system updated. Also: dust storms!

Do you have whiplash yet? Grab the neck brace because to celebrate the dust storms, I’m posting a photo of a calm blue ocean to inspired you to greet the following news with positive….calmness and blissful blue zen.

To try and iron out the comment system glitches we have upgraded Mamamia to a system called Echo Live.

This does a few fun new shiny things that I think you will like.

Things like this:

1. Comments are updated automatically and live as they are posted (no need to refresh the page anymore)

2. It’s supposed to incorporate all reactions to Mamamia posts that are made outside this website (on Facebook, Twitter, DIG etc) so that they will also now appear under regular comments on each post.


3. Comments will now appear in reverse chronological order. This is the same way that posts appear and also how Twitter and Facebook etc works (ie: newest at the top). Try not to freak out about this. It may feel different for a bit but you get used to it quickly and it’s becoming the new innovative standard for blogs and social media sites.

Are we still breathing? Go to your happy place. I’ll see you there.

Also, just because it’s amazing, check out this photo. You might think it’s photoshopped. It’s not. Sydney-siders woke to sights just like this this morning due to the apocalyptic dust-storms which turned the sky bright orange…is there any dust left in South Australia or Central Australia or wherever it came from?

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