Chrissie Swan refuses to be weighed after 'I'm A Celebrity' elimination.

“It’s not about weight loss.”

Chrissie Swan was eliminated from I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! last night after six weeks of khaki clothing and bugs, but she didn’t leave without making one final statement that left us fist-pumping.

As Mamamia has written previously, it’s become standard on the show for eliminated contestants to be put on the scales, and for their weight-loss — the result of being fed the bare minimum and undergoing gruelling exercises – to be “celebrated”.

But runner up Swan refused to give in to the humiliating ritual in last night’s episode of I’m A Celebrity.

Chrissie Swan refused to be weighed last night on ‘I’m a Celebrity’. (Screenshot: Channel 10)

“Scales aren’t that important to me,” she said.

“I feel great. I’ve been eating an Olsen twin diet for six weeks so chances are I weigh a bit less than what I did when I went in but it is not about weight-loss for me at all.

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“I feel really strong. I have been more active in the last six weeks than I have been probably in my whole life, exercising and trusting my body more to do stuff and giving it a go and I’ve been surprised with how much I can do.”

Bravo, Chrissie Swan, for refusing to buy into this ridiculous expectation. (Screenshot: Channel 10)

Other contestants lost between 10 and 17 kilograms from their time in the jungle — a fact that appeared to be glorified by the show’s producers through the inclusion of the weighing ritual ritual.

Bravo, Swan, for refusing to conform to a ridiculous expectation, and for continuing to be the brilliant role model we know you are.

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