Remember Brandy? She just filmed herself singing on a crowded train, and nobody cared.

It’s been a long time since ‘The boy is mine’.

Poor Brandy. The famous 90s singer tried to make a viral video, by going incognito on the New York subway before breaking into song. She was probably hoping the reaction would be: “OMG! It’s Brandy! That girl who sung that song with that other girl in the 90s! And now she’s singing on our commoner train! We’re so lucky!”

The reaction she actually got was:

Nobody on the train gave zero fucks that she was a) Brandy and b) singing. In fact, most people look at her like she’s a crazy lady from crazyville. Then one guy gives her some advice on how to ‘make it’:

Video via True Exclusives

Womp womp.