Braith Anasta has opened up about his split with Jodi.

Braith and Jodi Anasta have remained rather quiet about their split, confirmed in December last year. But this morning, Braith opened up to Kyle and Jackie O about why the couple separated, and how they’re coping as a family.

He revealed there was no bad blood between him and Jodi, 31, saying the split “was mutual”.

“It was amicable. It really was,” he said. The couple was just “heading in different directions”.

Braith, 34, also admitted the couple wanted to stay together for the sake of their two-year-old daughter, Aleeia. “Unfortunately it just didn’t work over time, [but] we tried to make it work for our daughter,” he said.

Nonetheless, the couple continue to spend time together as a family. “We took her to the zoo a couple of weeks ago for her birthday,” the NRL star said. ‘And we still try and spend time with her… just so she sees that we’ve got a good relationship.’

I said to Aleeia “where is daddy” and for some reason she looked over my shoulder…. ???????????? A photo posted by Braith Anasta (@braith_anasta) on


In an interview with The Daily Telegraph in January, Braith said his wife’s acting career may have been affected by their marriage.

“I think Jodi did sacrifice her ­career for me when we got married and I’m very grateful for that,” he said. He also revealed in that interview, ‘I wanted more kids and it wasn’t for her at that time in her life.’

Jodi had won a Logie for Most Popular Female Talent in 2006 for her role as Martha MacKenzie in Home and Away. She told the Sydney Morning Herald in a recent interview she is now “auditioning every chance I get”.

This morning Braith told listeners that he and Jodi “are in a pretty good head space right now”, and it appears the couple are coping well with their separation.