Miranda's baby boy Brady from 'Sex and the City' is all grown up.

Joseph Pupo is a typical teenage boy with a star-studded past.

If his name and face don’t ring a bell you would be forgiven, as Pupo is a true child star.

The young actor was brought onto the iconic Sex and The City set to play Miranda Hobbes‘ son Brady when he was just three months old.

And now, he’s all grown up.

Source: Screenshot/YouTube/BatteryCompany,

Is it just us, or could he actually pass as the biological son of actors Cynthia Nixon and David Eigenberg, who played his on-screen parents Miranda and Steve? Well played, casting directors.


The teenager sat down with Battery Company hosts Sas Goldberg and Jake Wilson to clear up a few things about his time on the set of one of HBO's most popular series.

Pupo (jokingly... we think?) revealed he had never watched the show, despite playing an adorable recurring role.

"I don't watch the show," he said. "Just never did – wasn't interested."

The satirical hosts pushed and pulled to extract anything from the young actor, even going so far as to hand him one of Carrie Bradshaw's beloved Manolo Blahniks, but it seems Future Brady is a man of few words.

Source; Screenshot/HBO.

As any Sex and the City fan would know, the question that well and truly loomed large was whether he was a member of Team Big or Team Aidan (duh — Aidan, every time).

The young man chose not to answer, so let's go ahead and assume he's a member of Team Why Did I Say Yes To This.

Pupo also featured in both Sex and the City movies, but has avoided any acting work since.

Miranda Hobbs certainly taught me a lot of early life lessons. What do our real-life mums teach us?