We're a little bit in love with Dr Brad Robinson.

This is Dr Brad Robinson.

Before we get too far into things, I feel I should let you know that Brad Robinson is happily married to our good friend and the co-host of our podcast The Well, Bec Sparrow.

We're a little in love with Bec too, quite frankly. Image supplied.

And while there's no getting around the fact that, as one Mamamia co-founder who shall remain nameless put it, Brad is "a hottie", this will not be a post that objectifies him (at least, not any more than it already has).

No. We're in love with Brad because he's a great doctor with a great bed side manner.

And as evidence of that claim, I present his Facebook page.

It's full of these gorgeous posts in which Brad gushes about how much he loves his patients and how happy he is to see their gorgeous babies.

He knows his patients so well, he gives special shout outs to siblings and pets.

Not only that, but as Mamamia has also reported, Brad isn't afraid to serve up some truthbombs to pseudo-science advocates like Pete Evans.

Brad is a parent too. And that means that he gets how challenging it can be sometimes, and how a little light relief, a bit of a giggle, can help you get through the day. So, sometimes he posts funny memes and gifs.



And he supports charity. Right now, he's raising money for the Pyjama Foundation, selling wine. (And we all know that wine and parenting goes together like peas and carrots, and wine and parenting.)

(You can support the Pyjama Foundation too, since I'm guessing Brad has probably sold his six bottles of shiraz. Visit their website here.)

Alright. I think I've embarrassed the man enough. Real talk though; the media is quick to jump on board and tell the bad stories about doctor and health professionals. Those stories are newsworthy, and they should be told.

But we should also celebrate good news stories about doctors, about the doctors and nurses and midwives who do just that little bit extra to make sure their patients are happy and healthy.

Thanks Dr Brad.

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