Photos: Tabloids say Brad and Ange are splitting up following a huge fight.


Apparently, Brad and Angelina had a HUGE FIGHT while they were in Sydney.

Apparently, it was the FINAL fight.

Apparently, Brad has WALKED OUT on their marriage and Angelina has taken up smoking to cope with the stress.

How do we know?

In Touch magazine has the inside scoop. Apparently.

The magazine cover showed three paparazzi photos of Brad and Ange on the balcony of their hotel suite at the Intercontinental in Sydney last week.

Ange looked sad. Brad looked mad. The marriage looked bad. A cigarette was had.


But – and this is just a stab in the dark – we think the magazine might be exaggerating, or at the very least acting presumptive. There could be many reasons for these photos. Here’s our favourites:

  • Brad was showing Ange his new dance move, similar to the robot.
  • They’ve been trying to do the lift from Dirty Dancing, and this was part of the training
  • Ange was trying to annoy Brad by staying really still, and it worked.
  • Brad had wet hands. Was drying them in the warm Sydney air.
  • Brad was about to do the scene from Titanic on the corner of the balcony, and Ange got in the way.
  • Brad was shaking it all about in the Hokey Pokey. Or midway through the YMCA.
  • Brad was playing hide and seek with Maddox and Shiloh and etc etc, and they were too good at it.

Or, our actual assumption:

They are a married couple with a million children, and they are bound to fight sometimes. We just like to think of them as a magical fairy-tale, so their fights are hard to watch. Brad. Ange. Please get along, just for the sake of your children (us).

And learn the lift from Dirty Dancing. We’d like that.


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