Seven Year Switch's Brad and Tallena hit out at claims that he was emotionally abusive.

With Seven Year Switch now having come to an end, one couple is speaking out with a vengeance.

Having shared images of their wedding and honeymoon on social media last week, Queensland duo Brad and Tallena are opening up once more, heading to Instagram to continue sharing the true story behind their relationship.

brad and tallena seven year switch

Tallena, Brad and their much loved bird, Squishy. Source: Instagram

"Train your mind to only see the positives in every situation," the pair began on their shared account. "Having to cop the backlash of Brad's 'character' and be labeled as a women basher, we were both struggling, upset, angry and depressed. We didn't even want to show our faces in public."

From the outset of the controversial Channel 7 show, Brad proved himself to be a polarising figure, with many viewers finding his aggression and manipulative behaviour toward Tallena to be concerning.

Brad discusses his relationship with Jackie. Post continues after video... 

The the season finale airing just two weeks ago, the couple are now claiming that the show did not present a completely accurate depiction of their relationship.

"It's now our time to tell our story, hence the Insta account," the post continued. "Those with tiny minds who choose to believe what they saw on a 'reality' tv show, a small glance into our relationship, need not follow or comment. We have no time for negative minds. For those of you that have been amazingly supportive you do not go un noticed. You help us fight stronger every day and we thank you! We are strong, together we fight, you ain't seen nothing yet".

brad and tallena seven year switch

The original post. Source: Instagram

Capturing the complexity of any relationship within a number of weeks would be impossible, especially one that is in a rough patch. But Brad and Tallena are hardly the first reality television participants to speak out and say that they feel that they've been unfaithfully portrayed.

Brad and Tallena on Seven Year Switch. Source: Channel 7.

Another member of the season, Michelle, has also spoken out and said that her participation was edited in way that may have suited a particular story line, but wasn't exactly the whole truth of who she was and what she was experiencing.

Participants in Channel 9's Married at First Sight have spoken out about there being little reality in what was presented to audiences.

As have former contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

But despite all of that Channel 7 say that they've been inundated with applications for a second season of the show.

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