NOT A DRILL: A Bachelor star is set to grace our screens on Offspring.

Guys, we don’t mean to alarm you but a Bachelor star is set to grace our screens on Offspring next week.

That’s right, two of our favourite Channel Ten shows of all time are merging as one and THE WORLDS ARE COLLIDING.

As for the star in question, we’ll give you a few hints:

He’s faithful and dependable, is the owner of TV’s best hair, and has an uncanny knack for entering a room at its dramatic climax and providing no relief whatsoever with vague information…

TADA! Image: Ten.

You guessed it, it's the gatekeeper of love and Bachelor host, Osher Gunsberg.

Scheduled to appear on next Wednesday's episode of Ten's hit drama, Osher will be playing the role of none other than himself doing what he does best - facilitating a good ol' television relationship.

Speaking of what is was like to be standing in Nina Proudman's house, the 43-year-old veteran TV host admitted he was 100 per cent freaking out.

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"The hardest part was not losing my s*** when I’m standing there on camera, on a packed drama set, and they’ve just called ‘action’ and I’m acting next to Asher Keddie," Osher said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

"It was super, super strange standing in the kitchen, in Nina’s house. On the fridge there were bills made out to Nina, and a photo of her husband who died. It was just this completely strange, trippy, experience."


Next week's cameo isn't the first time Osher has lent his smooth tones to the acting world, first appearing on our small screens in 2006 as his former self, Channel V host, Andrew G in Neighbours.

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