"'I spoke to women with boobs off all sizes, here are the bra problems we all face."

Thanks to our brand partner, Berlei

It goes with out saying that no two women’s boobs are the same. I’d take that even further by waging that no two boobs are even identical, particularly those belonging to… me. One’s always been a bit bigger than the other, forever poking over the top of my bra cup, I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

But if there’s one thing that I’m sure of, one theme that is 100 percent universal, one problem that all women face, it’s bra struggles. If you need any further convincing of this fact relating to our glorious lady lumps, I spoke to the women in the Mamamia office, whose boobs vary from small to big, from non-breastfeeding to breastfeeding, from young to wise.

Thankfully, these problems no longer need to be a reality thanks to Berlei’s incredible new Womankind bra. Its innovative 3D technology moulds and flatters your natural shape while delivering exceptional comfort, which means that many of these problems are a thing of the past.

Here are the 15 bra struggles that every woman can relate to (and for most of these, Berlei’s Womankind bra can fix):

1. To begin with… finding one. Because the ‘pretty’ bras only come in an A cup and you’re, well, bigger than an A cup.

2. On the flip side of this is not fitting into the pretty A cup bra because your boobs are small and it’s all gape-ee.

3. When you do finally find one, their lines appear through your clothes, even when it’s an unassuming t-shirt bra.

4. So you decide to go all fancy instead and choose to wear a lace bra but then you have to pray to the boob Gods that your nipples aren’t protruding.


5. Sometimes they like to pop out and run the show, otherwise known as surprise cleavage, namely when the bustier is too tight.

HELP. Image via Getty.

6. Another fun one is the 'four-boob', otherwise known as when your boob comes over your bra and you end up with you guessed it, four boobs, which precisely no woman wants.

7. Then there's the opposite of this when your boob is too big and hangs beneath the bra.

8. Sports bras are a whole other realm of problems, mostly when it comes to finding one you can run in without hitting yourself in the face with flying boob.


9. Sports bras also happen to come in two settings: no support or so tight you feel you're being suffocated.

10. Then there's strapless bras, to which we can only say.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Because everyone wants a mono-boob, right?

11. Yet straps cause just as many problems, like when one is way tighter than the other and you look distorted.

12. Another is your bra strap flipping over and it stabs you in the back until you have to relent and take it off to correct it.

13. There's another fun fact of your breasts going up a size when you get your period, meaning your bras don't fit AT ALL.

14. Or you could be pregnant and finding either plain or nice maternity bras that aren't satin-ee, silky, blah or ick AND still affordable is almost impossible.

15. But the biggest struggle of all? Washing the damn things without ruining them.

So there you have it, it seems we should all now be able to agree that no matter what your boobs looks like, women everywhere are all facing the same boob-related struggles.

But as we've learned, it doesn't have to be that way. Berlei's revolutionary new Womankind bra (available in both a t-shirt and sports bra) solves many of these problems. With its unique design, Womankind is all about lightness - it has a stretch cotton inner layer for comfort and breathability, and features stretchy shoulder straps that move with the body. Womankind's sports bra even has bounce reduction technology so you can move with confidence (especially doing your workout). The Womankind range is for the confident woman - who shouldn't have to struggle!

Berlei's Womankind bra is less struggle, more confidence. Image via Berlei.

Now, I only have one final request - the next time you see me run into a bathroom clawing at my back, do me a favour? Flip my bra strap over for me. I'll forever be in your debt.

What's a bra struggle that you face? Share it in the comments section below.

This content was created with thanks to our brand partner Berlei.