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There is a 'willy party' at her house. And it needs to stop.

This mum is a bit worried by her son’s latest obsession.

“It’s a willy party!”

That’s what my four-year-old son announced yesterday, after taking his willy out and waving it around, yet again. Fortunately we were at home alone together. I asked him, yet again, to put his willy away.

I always wanted to be an open-minded kind of mum. I think it’s really important to give kids names for every part of their bodies, and be able to talk about them without embarrassment.

I think, if you open up that kind of conversation with your child, then they can tell you if someone ever does something inappropriate.

I also want my children to grow up feeling comfortable with their bodies. I don’t want them to think that touching themselves is evil or dirty.

So when my son stopped wearing nappies and started really noticing his willy, I let him talk about it. And talk about it.

“My willy is fantastic to play with!” he’d declare, loudly.

Well, yes. I’m sure it is. But…

I started setting a few boundaries. I chose my words carefully.

I explained to him that it was unhygienic to touch his willy and then touch other things.

I told him that other people wouldn’t like it, because it wasn’t considered polite to show your willy in public. I encouraged him to wait until he was in bed at night.

He listened to me. He ignored me.

There is, apparently, a willy party going on in this house until next Wednesday.

I do worry about what’s going to happen when he starts school next year. I want him to learn to keep his willy in his pants – and stop talking about it – but I don’t want to say anything too harsh that could scar him for the rest of his life.

Have you had to deal with your young son’s willy obsession? And advice?

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