"My boyfriend's reaction to my hair change is deeply upsetting."

When it comes to a new hair change, there will always be fans and haters. The only thing that matters? That you are happy with it.

It’s something Reddit user ‘badhair1020210’, let’s call her Mary, discovered recently. She loves her new long bob, but her boyfriend doesn’t – and he’s not being quiet or subtle about it.

“My boyfriend (22) has always been a sucker for long hair. When we met my hair was down to my waist and he loved it. He really liked playing with it and very obviously liked it a lot,” Mary wrote.

“I had a haircut last week and got myself a long bob. That was over 10 inches of hair completely gone (and donated). My boyfriend knew about this in advance and while he tried to discourage me from getting my hair cut, he knew that I was really tired of having to care for really long hair. He also knew that I was going to cut off over 10 inches, so it’s not like I lied to him about what was going to happen. He knew.”

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“Immediately after I returned from the hairdresser, his face fell and it was really obvious that he hated it. I chalked it up to him being shocked because he’s never seen me like this before, but I liked my haircut and told him so. I then left him to his own devices and processing, figuring that it might take some time.”


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Yes, despite the fact that Mary a) liked her new haircut and b) helped others in the process by donating her hair, he wasn't happy. We're hearing alarm bells, very close by.


It gets worse.

"In the evening before we had dinner, he showed me a compiled, really long list of forum threads where people were talking about how much they regretted having their bobs and how eager they were for it all to grow back. It made me feel terrible about my decision and he also included links for how to make hair grow faster," she continued.

"He told me he was going to start making/buying me the suggested superfoods and that this would all be fixed eventually. I told him that I liked my haircut and was upset by how he was reacting. He said 'Fine, sorry' and left it at that. I'm really upset about what has happened, but I'm not sure if this is a symptom of a larger problem?" (Post continues after gallery.)

Reddit users were quick to reassure 'badhair1020210' that she wasn't overreacting - and that something didn't sound quite right.

"The collecting of the propoganda is quite disturbing," wrote one.

Another added: "And to give it to her only after her haircut - a haircut he knew about beforehand! - is such a mindf*ck. And he says he's going to give her hair-growing superfoods as if he chooses what she eats?"


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Immature, controlling, insensitive, bullying. We reckon Mary needs to think very seriously about her future with her boyfriend. It may be time to get rid of him the same way she did her hair: swiftly.

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