A 6 year old boy has called the police on his father for running a red light.

Here’s a story to remind parents that little eyes are always watching. A six year old boy in America has called the police on his father after watching him run a red light.

Yep, Robbie Richardson might only be six years old but he is undeniably a man of principles. After seeing his father commit what he thought was a serous offence, he made the tough decision to alert authorities and hopefully, set his dad on the right track.

911 operators were left shocked to receive the call over the weekend and to hear the details of the offence (cue Law and Order Dum-Dum sound).

Here’s how it went down:

Michael and Robbie were travelling in the family car (mum’s new family car to be specific.) It’s unclear whether the car was stolen or not (likely not, she probably just wanted both of them out of the house for some peace and quiet but with these hardcore offenders, you never really know). As Michael approached an intersection, Robbie noticed that the light was red. To his utter disbelief though, Michael proceeded to turn. On. The. Red.

To be fair, he did warn you. Image: istock

I'll give you a minute to recover.

Right, so. The crime has been committed and Robbie's called Michael on it. Michael tried to explain to his son that in some circumstances, turning on a red light is ok but Robbie was having none of it. "When a green light says go, you go that way, or that way, or that way, or that way,” he told The Boston Globe, motioning with his hands different directions a car can drive. “A yellow light makes you slow. And then a red light makes you stop.”

Damn right, Robbie.

Listen to Robbie's call to 911.


Robbie knew what he had to do and warned his father that he would be making the tough call when they got home. Michael laughed and thought nothing more of it until he was approached by Robbie, with cordless telephone in hand and 911 showing up on the caller id. "“I know how to call the police. Easy peasy.” said the little gem.

Michael sure was pretty relaxed for a hardened crim because he was standing in the family backyard cooking a bbq at the time. “He has the cordless phone in his hand and he says, ‘Dad, somebody called, they want to talk to you,’” Michael said. “And I look at the number on there and I saw 911, and I kind of sank a little bit.”

Michael says that after apologising to the dispatcher on the other end of the phone, he used the opportunity to talk to Robbie about the importance of using 911 properly. “He’s a smart kid. When he says he’s going to do something, he does it,” Michael said. “He doesn’t bluff.”

Damn right he doesn't, Michael. You're damn right.

Breakfast show Sunrise put a call out on their Facebook page, "Have your kids ever turned you in for doing the wrong thing?"

Their followers offered up hilarious answers;

Joanne shared, "Not the wrong thing, but still got turned in to the police. 26 years ago, I was pulled over for a random breath testing. I was asked if I had, had anything to drink. I said no, however the then 4 year old daughter pipes up from the back seat.........Yes she has, she has been drinking coke at McDonalds!!!"

Shellz wrote, "My sister once told my mum she was going to report her to social welfare (NZ) for not buying her Levis 501s - mum said go ahead and i will lend you out to family planning so people think twice about having kids!"

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