The bowl cut is back, thanks to Ruby Rose.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have some shocking hair news for you: the bowl cut is back. Yes, the blunt and helmet-like hairstyle of our unstylish childhoods has now been hailed as the hot new hair look. Is this really happening?!

Leading the charge to the hairdresser’s chair is our very own Ruby Rose, the model, former MTV host and now Orange Is The New Black actress. On Instagram, the 29 year old has been flaunting her bowl cut; posing comically with a dog bowl on her head.

Even rock star Jack White is a fan of Ruby’s new ‘do; she wrote on Twitter, “So Jack White just stopped me at the strip club to tell me he liked my hair. So to everyone who hates my bowl cut…there you have it.” (Post continues after gallery.)

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Ms. Rose isn’t the only celebrity to be bowled-over. Lena Dunham, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Osbourne, Jessie J and Rihanna have all fallen prey to the old bowl-and-scissors technique over the years.

So, does this mean that we should get a bowl cut too? DailyMail says that a barber chain in England reported a 200 per cent increase in bowl cuts.

Lena Dunham's blonde bowl cut. (Image: Instagram)

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Klara Sabotkoski, Director of Sechi Hair Academy and Salons, says, “The bowl cut hasn’t really hit mainstream hairdressing yet. We are not getting a lot of requests for this style.” Phew!

However, she does say, “It’s a great look for the right person. It is a very fashion focused, edgy look and you have to have the right look and personality to pull it off. It’s requires a lot of skill and precision cutting, so stylists enjoy the challenge.” So perhaps we will be seeing more bowl cuts on the high street soon.

Well, if anyone can pull off the bowl cut, it’s Ruby Rose. She has been trying to save sick animals lately in Nepal, so she can do whatever she wants and I’ll still love her.

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