Why Botox is the new "must-have" accessory for school formals

Botox is the new must-have accessory for school formal season but it's not why you think. It's to protect the real star of the night, the gown.

Schoolgirls are having Botox injections under their arms to prevent sweat damaging their gowns.

Sadly, an increasing number of school girls are having facial Botox too. When young girls begin the injections it's called 'preventative Botox'. Some teenage boys are paying for collagen injections in their lips for a movie star pout.

Dr Grace Lin of Kiora Medical Spas in Melbourne says schoolgirls have the injections to prevent perspiration. "You take a whole vial of Botox and put a vial under each underarm and it stops sweating for six to nine months. People are doing it a lot before weddings and school formals," Dr Lin told

Back in my day (I can't believe I just used that expression) it was all about the dress, and then the hair.

But, according to teenager Libby Buckright: "It's our last year, you know, you want to go all out with everything. I don't think I'm ugly or anything, but I think it would help to have my eyebrows lifted.”

What do you think about girls getting Botox for their school formals?