This is what happens when your eyebrow tattooist goes rogue.

In a story that will make you cling to your eyebrow pencil for dear life, a woman from Manchester, UK, has been left with what looks like four eyebrows after a botched tattoo job.

Inspired by the full, thick brows of the moment, Delsha Campbell made an appointment to have semi-permanent tattoos done with a clinic she found online offering a significant discount for the treatment. She told the Daily Mail: “I wanted to tidy them up and make them look neater.”

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As instructed by the clinic, Delsha let her natural brows grow in the lead up to the appointment and was confused when the therapist waxed most of them off before tattooing with what she said was a “semi-permanant” ink.

Instead of following the natural line of Delsha’s brows, the therapist instead tattooed much higher which resulted in her looking like she had four eyebrows or “like a clown” as Delsha herself says.

Here's Delsha post-tattooing.


As soon as the therapist was finished Delsha knew something wasn't right. She burst into tears and complained about the appearance of her brows. She was told however that her face was just swollen from the procedure. Within days it was clear that the beautician had made a huge mistake.


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"When I went out I could see people staring at me trying to make out why I had four eyebrows. I was so upset I couldn’t eat and began losing weight. I lost two stone. I couldn’t face work; I became a recluse.’ Her self esteem became so low that she was forced to seek counselling," Delsha explained. (Post continues after gallery.)


Two years later, Delsha is still dealing with the result of the botched beautician's appointment. Semi-permanent ink it was not, and instead, Delsha has to wax and pluck her natural brows daily to ensure she doesn't get a 'shadow' underneath the tattooed brow.

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She attempted to reduce the look of the tattoos by using a treatment which fades tattoo ink but Delsha says the outline is still apparent. "I wish I'd never had them done" she says.

I don't know about you but after reading Delsh'a story I've committed to a lifelong affair with my eyebrow pencil.

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