What did you wear to your school formal? Something more risque than this?

The ‘inappropriate’ dress.






A US teenager has been turned away from her senior prom (that’s basically US speak for ‘Year 12 formal’) because her breasts are too large.

Brittany Minder, a high school student who lives in Washington, had trouble finding the perfect dress because of her bigger bust. After finally finding something all the way in Canada, she arrived at the prom only to be told she would need to cover up or leave.

The school’s dress code states that strapless dresses are allowed as long as cleavage, midriff and lower back are covered:

The school’s policy on strapless gowns.


But Brittany thinks that the rule has been unfairly applied to her, as because of her shape her bust is going to stand out no matter what she wears.

“In my opinion, I feel that it is because I’m bigger chested and there is more cleavage that you can see, and there’s nothing I could really do about that,” she told a local news station.

Both Brittany’s parents weighed in too. Her mother stated: “All women are not created equal, and you can not compare a golf ball to a grapefruit. It ain’t gonna happen.” Her father, clearly angry, said “It was blatant from the start that the school was not being fair in how they were enforcing that rule. A girl like Brittany should not have to go to a dance in a burlap sack because she’s large busted. It’s ridiculous.”

Too revealing?



Brittany was eventually allowed into the prom but only once she covered up her cleavage with a shawl.

By this stage though, the teenager’s night had already been ruined. She said:

I felt self-conscious and they took the magic out of the night… It was tough being there after all that happened. I didn’t feel comfortable. I already had a blow to my self-esteem. I didn’t really want to be there anymore. An important night of my life was ruined, and there’s no way I can gain that experience back.

So was Brittany right to assume this had something to do with her breast size?

When you consider whether the same dress worn by a girl with an A-cup would have caused a similar reaction (probably not), it does start to feel like this has to do with how the dress happened to sit on Brittany’s larger bust. And you can hardly blame a 17-year-old girl for her developing body.

Not to mention, compared to a lot of other formal/prom dresses out there, this one seemed pretty tame. It was a little low cut to be sure but at Brittany and her parents point out, it was nothing compared to other, more… risqué choices out there:

It could’ve been worse, no?


You can watch the original news report of Brittany’s story here:


So what do you think? Was the school right to ask Brittany to cover up, or did she have a right to be upset? You have to remember – for a 17-year-old girl, the prom is pretty much one of the major highlights of their life so far. And to be singled out because your recently developed cleavage is making your teachers uncomfortable? That doesn’t seem quite right…

Did Brittany’s teachers make the wrong call?