ROAD TEST: The Bonds Wondercool Zippy that'll help your baby sleep better this summer.

Thanks to our brand partner, Bonds

Having a baby can be simply overwhelming. Add sleep deprivation into the equation and you are just asking for us parents to pull our hair out with exhaustion and anxiety.

Sleep deprivation is literally used as a form of torture by CSI agents. So, basically we have all given birth to little CSI agents blissfully torturing us, right?

But what I have figured out in my two very long years of ‘mumming’ three kids under two is that it’s all about the process of elimination when it comes to babies and sleep. If you can eliminate the reasons for your baby to wake, you can improve their (and more importantly YOUR) chances of getting more sleep.

And of course that’s the main goal here. Everyone needs more sleep.

Before I became a mum, I thought that if babies were tired, they would just sleep.

Who knew that we had to think about so many things like baby having a sufficient awake time without getting overtired? Or are they getting enough sleep for their brains to develop? Are they fed and full? Is the nappy clean? Is the sleeping environment right? Is it Red Nose approved? Is it dark with a bit of gentle music or white noise? Are they swaddled safely? Are they too hot or too cold?

There is so much to think about, we basically need to create a checklist just to get our babies to sleep. Not to mention STAY asleep.

Now that the warmer weather is here, it can get a little tricky deciding what to dress your baby in, especially for those long, hot night sleeps when the temperatures can also cool overnight. You feel like you can’t win – we’re told that air-con isn’t great for them but we’re also worried they will overheat.


I’ve always been a Bonds Zippy fan (what Aussie mum isn’t?). They’re as Australian as the Hills Hoist we hang them on to dry. So I was delighted to have the chance to road test the new Bonds Wondercool Zippy.

It’s the only baby clothing approved by Red Nose, Australia’s leading authority on safe sleep and healthy pregnancy. According to Red Nose, babies sweat less than adults, and can’t regulate their temperature as easily yet. So it’s one less thing to worry about if they’re dressed in clothing that won’t overheat them.

Bonds Wondercool Zippy Stretch
Baby Banjo stretching freely in his Wondercool Zippy

So basically, they have a range of different fabrics that adapt to your babies' skin temperature.

The more cotton-based fabric Wondercool suits have breathable mesh fabric on the feet and hand covers.

And then there are Wondercool suits that are made completely out of the cool permeable mesh so that my little one's skin can breathe.

They come in a huge range of colours and patterns - I popped the blue mesh number on my 10-month-old boy Banjo.

To my surprise, he actually slept like a log on a 30-degree day with no problems, and more importantly, he did not overheat.

NEW Bonds WonderCool Zippy
That smile says it all!

Another Bonds faithful feature I love is the two-way zipper, which without a doubt makes changing nappies 10 times easier than wrestling a crocodile and helps you avoid a poo massacre.

All in all, it turns out the Bonds Wondercool Zippy can help tick off some of the biggest concerns on what seems to be a super-long sleep checklist.

You can pop your little one to bed knowing they're fully covered, comfortable and not overheated. That gives you some peace of mind when putting your little CSI agent to bed.

So while Red Nose has approved Bonds Wondercool for safer sleep, I’m giving my mum tick of approval for making the mission that little bit easier.

What do you find helps your child sleep better? Share with us below.


BONDS Wondercool Baby Range- Works Wonders.