"We host a fashion podcast, and went head-to-head in a styling challenge. Here's how it went."

Thanks to our brand partner, Bonds

To our absolute joy, Bonds let us in on a (not so little) secret...          

They're launching their bedding range Bonds HOME. Cue excitable squeal.      

For one, this is the first time the iconic Aussie brand is doing quilt cover and sheet sets for the whole family – big news for those of us that have grown up wearing Bonds to workouts, hangouts, bed and beyond. We couldn't wait to see what their bedding range would look like.

Secondly, my fashion podcast co-host Deni (have you listened to What Are You Wearing?) is a seasoned maximalist, whereas I'm more of a minimalist in the way I dress and that extends to how I style my home and soft furnishings. 

So I knew we'd have completely different approaches.

To celebrate their launch of the new Bonds HOME range, Bonds put Deni and I to the ultimate styling challenge: to transform our bedrooms with picks from their new bedding collection. 

Here's how it went.

Tamara's styling challenge. 

When Bonds set us this styling brief... I knew I had to bring my A-game. 

Now, my bedroom is boring. SO BORING. My partner and I are in the midst of renovating our coastal beach shack on the South Coast (and I use the term "beach shack" liberally here, it's more of a tired old duplex that's desperately in need of a makeover). 

The walls are an unfortunate shade of "rental beige" and the house has zero character to work with, so it was really up to the bedding to bring it.

I needn't have worried because the collection delivers on character and then some – it's full of bold and striking prints that make a statement, rather than the basic linens I'm used to. The quilt covers are reversible, and designed to mix and match back with the sheet sets in complementary colours.

My previous bedding was a yawn-inducing (not in a good way) grey stripe which kind of just fades into the walls. Observe:

Can confirm: Very boring bedding. Image: Supplied.


So when it came to picking a Bonds HOME quilt cover, in complete contrast I chose their Organic Quilt Cover Set in Meri’s Garden: a vibrant terracotta and white leaf print, with a colourful floral on the reversible side. 

Organic Quilt Cover Set in Meri’s Garden and Organic Sheet Set in White Stone. Image: Supplied.

The sets are made with organic cotton, and I styled the Organic Sheet Set in White Stone back with neutral sheets to complement the earthy print (for an idea of just how soft and comfortable it is, see my golden retriever Vinnie lounging on my bed moments after I made it.)

100% napping dog approved. Image: Supplied.


The overall look is so much more modern, fresh and inviting – and it's made my room feel more like an oasis and less like a place I just... put my stuff.

Tam's top 5 tips for refreshing your bed:

1. Invest in a great quality quilt cover. It's the key piece in your bedroom and draws the eye right away, so choose one you'll love coming home to. You'll never regret spending your cash on quality bedding. I think my mum told me that, actually!

2. Obey the rule of threes. I learnt this handy styling tip from an interior designer: when curating a space with objects, whether it's your bedside table or a cluster of artworks, always work with a trio. I've used a candle, crystal and pot plant.

It works! Image: Supplied.  

3. Less is more. This is especially relevant if you've chosen a striking print for your bedding. Keep your other furnishings low-key and minimise the clutter around your bed. I deliberately avoided bringing in too many distracting elements for this challenge (although my friend Deni may wholeheartedly disagree with me here.)


4. Match your pyjamas to your bed, because why not? Something about proper pyjamas just says you've got your life together, and I need that energy in 2022.

5. Make your bedroom your sanctuary. I'm a fan of mediation and do indulge in the odd crystal, and I love feeling like my bedroom is a space to switch off at the end of the day.

But your idea of a sanctuary might be completely different. It might be Deni's more high-vibe aesthetic. Whatever it is for you, lean into it and surround yourself with pieces that resonate – much like how you'd approach getting dressed in the morning.

Image: Supplied.

Deni's styling challenge.

Let me be clear. I LIVE IN BONDS. I don’t say that lightly. 

I wear their undies six out of seven days a week. I sleep in Bonds. I lounge in Bonds. In fact as I write this, I’m wearing a pair of their Grey Marle shorts with their iconic Bonds logo waistband. Bonds is, to me, as iconic an Aussie brand as Vegemite. I’m a big fan. You get it.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I was told they were releasing the Bonds HOME collection. It made perfect sense.

When my package arrived and inside I found bed sheets that spoke to my style, I squealed. I picked the Organic Quilt Cover Set in Seeing Waves and Organic Sheet Set in Cactus Tree. It’s so, well, Bonds. Animal print and a cool khaki? Please and thank you. 

Organic Quilt Cover Set in Seeing Waves and Organic Sheet Set in Cactus Tree. Image: Supplied.


I’ve just moved into a new house so dressing my bed in Bonds was particularly exciting. When I tell you the quality is of the high standard you’ve come to know and trust, I mean it. 

Their bedding is available in a range of bright, bold patterns (from wild animal prints to exotic flora) and their reversible designs mean double the fun. 

Because we LOVE cost per wear and more bang for back, am I right? And as always, it delivers on the comfort front.

Image: Supplied.


Deni's top 5 tips for refreshing your bed:

1. Let your bed speak to your personal style. As somewhat of an animal print obsessed maximalist, I find that bedding can be quite boring. So look for prints and designs that reflect who you are as a person.

2. Mix it up! Gone are the days of matchy-matchy perfectly colour coordinated beds. Don’t be scared to get eclectic. Mix textures, prints and colours for a brave update to the boudoir.

Image: Supplied.

3. Go buy yourself some new pillows. Did you know you’re supposed to change them every two years? Neither did I. I got new ones on the weekend and highly recommend. Thank me later.

4. Quality is key. What’s so great about the Bonds HOME range is that it doesn’t compromise on quality yet is budget friendly and inexpensive. A gorgeous win-win. 

5. Change things up seasonally. Choose yourself multiple colour stories to dress your bed with each season and think about how you can refresh your bed in relation to the times of year. Fresh and vibrant for summer, wild and moody for winter. Kinda like your wardrobe! 

Come home to comfy with Bonds HOME, a bedding range that's here for a good time... and bedtime! Featuring a range of sheets full of bold prints for adults, kids and baby it's the wake up call your bed's been waiting for. 

Shop now in selected Big W stores nationwide, or online.

Feature image: Supplied/Mamamia.

Bonds has been keeping Aussie bums, boobs and bubs comfy and covered for over 100 years. And now you can have the comfiest night’s sleep, with the launch of Bonds Home. Bonds Home bedding is available in a range of bright, bold patterns – from wild animals to exotic flora. Featuring a range of quilt cover sets, sheet sets and cot sheets, there’s something for the whole family. Reversible designs for double the fun, guide tabs for a wrestle-free fit, and made with comfy organic cotton – there’s a design for every little dreamer. Mix‘n’match the prints with your favourite Bonds PJs!