Bonds has delivered the body image ad we've all been waiting for.

Bonds has a penchant for making brilliant ads.

Ever since Aussie hero and all ’round great guy Pat Rafter stripped down to his undies and told us how comfortable they were, Bonds has shown an uncanny ability to tap into the Australian mood.

More recently, Hamish and Zoë Foster Blake became ambassadors for the brand’s active wear campaign, competing in a rigorous Game of Tone, despite the fact that neither of them appear particularly athletic (sorry).

And now, in an ad titled ‘Think of Fathers’ in preparation for Father’s Day, the underwear brand have turned the issue of post-partum body pressure on its head.

‘Think of Fathers’ highlights the ridiculousness of the obsession with women’s post-baby bodies by putting women’s words in men’s mouths.

"It's hard. It's really hard." Image via Bonds.

A normal-looking group of men reflect on how their "ankles became swollen" and they "started getting stretchmarks" once they had children.

A solemn piano plays in the background as one man reflects, "when we brought Tommy home, I was up every couple of hours feeding. Pizza, cured meats, cake..."

Eugh. We feel your pain, sir.

"I see dad's bodies in magazines," says another man, before continuing, "but who actually looks like that?"

"I saw David Beckham. A week after childbirth, and he's out running. A week after childbirth! With no top on."

I mean, it's really just so unfair. The pressure. The standards.

Of course, men don't face the same pressure as women to 'snap back' after giving birth. That's why the words sound so ridiculous coming from men.

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But the kernel of truth comes when one of the men say, "Would I give back my kids for my pre-baby body? Probably not."

And neither would most mums. Worrying about looking a certain way seems trivial compared to being a parent.

Ultimately, the campaign challenges the way we think and talks about women's bodies. And it's about time.

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