FLUFF: Bondi Vet offered a role on Bold and the Beautiful.





Dr Chris Brown’s chiselled jaw is finally getting the attention it deserves.

The Superman-looking Bondi Vet has just been talent scouted by American TV producers for the long-running soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful. All we need to do now is organise a black and white, soft focus photo shoot on the beach with a wind machine, directing Chris to turn around slowly to the camera. For, you know, audition purposes.

The Bold and the Beautiful – “B & B” to the die-hard fans – has a global audience of 35 million, so a role on the show would propel Chris to big time fame. Dr Chris Brown spoke to Sydney Confidential about the offer.

He’s yet to decide whether he’ll take the chance or not. “I was obviously quite flattered that they offered me the role on such an iconic show that does mean a lot to a lot of people all over the world,” he told Sydney Confidential, no doubt clenching his manly man jaw and narrowing his eyes slightly to the camera.

“But most of all I’m intrigued as to what character they had in mind for me. Hopefully some sort of love child from an Australian affair Ridge Forrester had many years ago.”

Can you imagine Chris in these classic B&B opening credits? We can…

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