CULT BUY: The easy as $19.99 tanning product that you one hundred percent cannot screw up.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post – I’m currently experiencing an unhealthy obsession with this product and needed to tell you about it.

On Saturday I was walking through the aisles of my local Priceline picking up things that I didn’t really need when I spotted a huge promotional stand. It was packed full of products from Bondi Sands, from mousses, to creams and mitts.

Coming to almost the end of winter, it’s safe to say my skin could do with a little colour. I’m naturally olive but definitely lacking that ‘summer glow‘. I don’t have any holidays coming up and the chances of me getting to a beach before December are slim to none, so the stand did its job and piqued my interest.

Valentina is now converted. Image: supplied.

I'd heard good things about Bondi Sands before. I'd seen tutorials from beauty bloggers on YouTube boasting how great of a product it was, except there was just one problem. When the beauty gods where handing out beauty skills to the plebs like me, 'applying fake tan' was one ability that didn't get placed into my basket because namely:

  • I have zero time and even less patience
  • I'm heavy handed when it comes to application
  • I'm a magnet for streaks and can't create 'small circular motions' to save my life

The list goes on but I digress... I knew I had to stay away from the mousse and mitts when my eyes landed on the most un-f*ck-up-able tanning product you will ever use, I'd say, in your entire life.

Bondi Sands Liquid Gold.

Image via @bondisands

I sprayed the tester on my hand and loved the way it felt. It wasn't heavy, barely needed to be worked into my skin and dried almost instantly. Priceline had 40% off at the time so I picked up a 150ML bottle for $11.99 and the product was practically paying me.

After showering that night, it was the moment of truth. I made sure I was completely dry before spraying the quick dry oil all over my body, section by section. I looked in the mirror and there it was. No streaks. No fuss. My sanity and will to live were in tact. It was the most incredible fake tan experience I'd ever had.

Bondi Sands Liquid Gold contains a gradual tanner so there's no chance of looking orange or over baked. It simply builds up into a nice subtle glow the more you use it. The only thing that makes me love it even more is that it's Australian owned and made.

So go out. Get on it. Get it on your body. Drink it... okay maybe don't drink it.

Valentina Todoroska is The Deputy Head of News at Mamamia. You can follow her on Facebook here.  

* Featured image via @bondisands Instagram

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