The fascinating world of plus size male fashion influencers.


The body positive movement is no longer just for plus size women like Tess Holliday and Rebel Wilson.

There’s a new world of men on Instagram who are posting positive messages of size diversity. These trailblazers face a lot of the same issues as women, especially when it comes to language and self-identifying.

For women, we use terms like curvy, fat, BBW and plus size, while in the male world it’s big, chubby, king size, big & tall and brawny.

Here’s a few Instagram accounts to follow for big men’s style inspo and all-round male body positivity.

Bruce Sturgell @Chubstr

Fashion blog Chubstr has been around for seven years. It’s all about shopping tips as well as fashion tips and building a body positivity community.

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What’s healthier: to ‘love’ your body, or feel neutral about it? Listen to the Mamamia Out Loud team discuss. Post continues after audio.

Zach Miko @Zachmiko

Zach is the first plus-size male model signed by a major agency. He’s with IMG and is listed as being a  ‘brawn’ model. He’s not only big he’s also tall standing at 6ft 6in. He started out modelling for Target and has gone on to ‘bigger’ things.

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Syed Sohail @ThePrepGuy

Sohail is now leading men’s fashion and lifestyle blogging in Canada, known for his particularly preppy outfits. As he writes on his website, his Instagram was never meant for anyone but him.

“When I first started the blog, it had privacy settings, so that I would have been the only person to see this. It was my online private style journal,” he wrote.

How things have changed.

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Kelvin Davis @NotoriouslyDapper

Kelvin describes himself as a body positive gentleman, model, dancer and activist. His website, Notoriously Dapper, is meant to be a positive place on the internet where men can feel good about their bodies.

This concept of “male body positivity” even confused his first readers, with many not knowing realising the need for men – like women – to feel comfortable in their bodies.

If you want a happiness hit of body positivity, keep reading!